Back Up To The Future: Futuristic & Concept RVs

May 23 2016

If you could design your very-own, futuristic RV, what would it look like? What features would it have? Would it be able to go in the water like a boat or maybe levitate in the air like a hoverboard? Would it be decked out with the latest virtual reality technology? Or, would you prefer it change into different vehicles like a Transformer? Believe it or not, these dreams may not be too far away. Just like in the automobile marketplace where concept cars are developed and boundaries are often pushed, RV manufacturers (and some developers outside of the arena) are looking forward to the future, too with their designs and functionality.

Let’s take a look at three fun, futuristic RVs – two of them are on the road. We doubt we’ll see a lot of these on the back roads or at campgrounds anytime soon, and that’s ok by us. They might be the RVs of our dreams but for most of us, they’ll be complete financial nightmares.

The Kiravan (currently unavailable)


This RV of the future started out as the dream of a former Disney Imagineer. Conceptual work began in 2010 and now it’s pretty close to being able to hit the road full-time. It comes strapped with 400-pound Kevlar tires, telescopic masts with night vision cameras and lightning sensors, and a pop-up penthouse tent on the top. It’s also said to weigh around 51,000 pounds so, needless to say, miles per gallon weren’t taken into the equation when designing. Considering all of the other features, we doubt that fuel economy is something that would steer an investor away from.  For more information on the Kiravan, click here.

The Mehrzeller (approx. $150,000 on launch date)


Billed as “a new generation of mobile living,” this unique looking caravan uses a multicellular design. “Mehrzeller” – the multicellular caravan is positioned as making “caravans cool again.” The caravan was dreamt up by an Austrian company named Nonstandard which boasts a unique design for any camper customer. The individual designs are generated using a computer called the configurator ‘yielding an attractive and practicable result.” To read more on this creature of a caravan, check this link.

The Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo (approx. $3 million)


Marchi Mobile touts the EleMMent Palazzo as “The most luxurious RV in the world – offering unbeatable technically innovative and comfort features.” And, they’re not kidding. The design which takes aspects from the worlds of motor-sports, aviation and yachting includes features like a cockpit complete with an aviation dashboard and panoramic glazing where shade zones are controlled by a quick button push. Other awesomely futuristic elements to the EleMMent are an exterior, integrated stairwell with a main entry to the living room, electric sliding doors, an automatic sun canopy with lighting and audio and, if that’s not enough, an automatic retractable roof walkway!