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, Capture Your Memories

You’ve taken some amazing trips in your RV and seen things you’ll remember all your life.  Or will you?  After a few years go by, will you still know where you saw that waterfall at dawn or the herd of antelope?  Or are those trips starting to blur together? You lose track of these small details, but they are the very same details that make the trip so special.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite memory-keeping solutions to help you remember all of your travel experiences.


Your odometer tracks how many miles you’ve traveled, but what about keeping track of where you’ve traveled? Hang up this corkboard map of the US in your RV and place pins where you have traveled. Use these flag push pins to write the city and date on the flag. Your board will fill up with pins over time and become an awesome display of all of your travels.


A photo is worth a thousand words. Especially when it’s a photo of that giant fish flopping around and scaring Grandpa Jim on the dock last year. Shutterfly offers so many ways to print out your favorite pictures. Some great options for your RV are to print your favorite picture on this outdoor pillow or make a photo quilt to curl up with around the bonfire.

, Capture Your Memories


Gettin’ old school! For an even greater feeling of nostalgia, use a Polaroid camera to take pictures on the road. Hang a string on the wall of your RV and use clothespins to hang up your Polaroid prints. For a similar look without buying the camera and photo paper, try printing your photos directly off of Instagram using Walgreens photo center. Each square print is only 39 cents, and creates the same effect that Polaroid-style prints have.


Take any notebook and transform it into a travel journal. If you’re worried about keeping up with your entries, try attaching a pen to it and keeping it near the passenger seat of the RV. When your trip is over, simply write one standout memory from the trip into the journal. It could be a funny inside joke that was said or that awesome apple crisp recipe you made over the campfire. As your entries pile up, you will be able to take a quick glance at your journal and remember those little details that you may not remember otherwise.  If you’re feeling more adventurous with your journal, you could spruce it up with cardstock and glue things like tickets, maps or travel brochures into the pages of your journal. For more tips on how to build a travel journal check out this tutorial.

With a few simple steps you can preserve those special trip memories.  Then, with just a glimpse some day in the future, all those good times on the road will come flooding back for you to enjoy all over again.

, Capture Your Memories