Celebrating The Fourth In Your RV

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, Celebrating The Fourth In Your RV

Independence day is coming up, and we’d argue that RVers know how to celebrate this patriotic day best. After all, the RVing lifestyle revolves around the independence of hitting the open road and traveling wherever the roads may take you. We’re highlighting the essentials you need to make your Fourth of July RV trip something the founding fathers would be proud of!

Get Grillin’

One of the most American activities you can do on the fourth? Firing up the grill (or even better, campfire) and throwing some of your favorite meats on the grate. We suggest going to your local grocer and asking the butcher for some cuts of meat. Be sure to pack all of your grilling utensils, and bring a bag of charcoal if you’re planning on a public grill at a campsite.

And, before the fireworks create some smoke, you can make some of your own by bringing along your own meat smoker! BBQ food is always a fan favorite for this holiday, and while it takes more time and a little more prep work, a flavorful rack of ribs or perfectly smoked brisket will definitely hit the spot for your fourth food. If you like this idea, but don’t own a smoker, there are plenty of smaller smoker units that would be travel-friendly out in the market, and there are even BBQ grills made to fit on the side or hitch of your RV.

Get ready for launch!

Although it may be tempting to light up some big fireworks of your own, make sure you thoroughly check all of the rules and regulations of your state and campground before you get the matches. If you are well-versed in fire safety and have professional experience lighting fireworks, then by all means, let em’ fly! But, for many of us, the safer route is to buy some packages of sparklers and small, legal items. That way, you can still get your pyro on without putting any campers in danger! Even if you’re going to only use sparklers, make sure your little campers are under supervision while lighting them up, and be sure to have plenty of water nearby to douse the used sparkler wires. It’s important, too, that you keep a safe distance away from your RV while you’re lighting these fun Fourth of July fires.

, Celebrating The Fourth In Your RV

Get refreshed!

What’s fourth of July without a couple of fun drinks around the campfire? Check out some of our favorite refreshers here! If you have young campers around, they will enjoy this recipe that involves blue Gatorade ice cubes! To go along with your fun drinks, it’s also a great idea to have a couple finger foods around to curb your appetite while your meats are on the grill! A quick and easy recipe is fruit skewers with yogurt dip – use blueberries and strawberries for that Americana touch!

Lastly, have fun!

The Fourth of July weekend is a great holiday to get outside and enjoy nature, and it’s even better if you have an RV to do so! So load up the rig, hit your favorite spot and celebrate what makes America so great. Always remember that safety comes first around fire, and enjoy your festive drinks responsibly! Cheers!

, Celebrating The Fourth In Your RV