Cleaning The Outside Of Your RV

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, Cleaning The Outside Of Your RV

Sometimes, camping in your RV can be messy business. Once you get home from your road trip, you will notice that your RV has picked up some bugs, and maybe some dirt along the way. You also need to flush out your tanks to keep them clean, and even clean the rubber roof.

As you’re unrolling the hose to flush out your black and grey tanks, you think to yourself, “How messy am I going to get maintaining this RV?”

With the right equipment, cleaning and maintaining your RV is a simple process that will not get your hands too dirty (especially when you’re wearing gloves).

Your RV has been your trusty sidekick through many miles of road. It has been a faithful friend, a home away from home. Your RV spends most of its time taking care of you and your family while you’re traveling. Now, it’s time for you to take care of it. Cleaning and maintaining your RV isn’t your favorite activity, but it is necessary to keep your trusty steed healthy and functioning properly.

There are some things you can do that can make the cleaning process easier on you. Check out these tips to make your cleaning process a breeze:


One aspect you might be nervous about is emptying your black and grey tanks. This is not the most pleasant RV chore, but it is a necessary one. To do this chore in the most hassle-free way, we always recommend that you wear gloves while you are emptying the tanks.

When you purchase your new or used camper make sure to invest in a quality sewer hose. You will not regret getting a high-quality hose that holds up longer, doesn’t leak and has the right connections depending upon the dump station. We recommend the RhinoFLEX sewer hoses for their adjustability, dependability and the simple operation that they offer. In addition, they already come with the connections to use at full-hookup sites, and you can upgrade them with extensions when needed.


Having the correct cleaning materials will make your cleaning process faster. Not to mention, some parts of your RV call for special products that are less abrasive and will not damage parts of your RV, like the decals on the outside.

For the outside of your RV, remember that you must wash and wax it regularly. For more info on keeping your RV looking glossy and new, check out this post. Our quick takeaways for the care of the outside of your RV are:

, Cleaning The Outside Of Your RV
  • Soft bristled brush

    • Using soft bristles ensures that you won’t be damaging your rig by using brushes that are too abrasive. To make reaching those high spots on your RV easier, buy a brush that is on an extendable handle.

  • Rubber roof cleaner

    • If your roof has rubber on it, make sure you use rubber roof cleaner to protect it from the sun and keep it looking like new. Most roof warranties require cleaning/treating your rubber roof at least once a year.

  • Gentle soap

    • Use soap that isn’t hard on your RV’s paint. We recommend an RV Wash and Wax to help keep the shine lasting for years.

  • Slide out dry lubricant

    • Keep your slide outs operating well by spraying this dry lubricant on the mechanical features of your slideout. They resist collecting dirt, also.

  • Slide out Rubber-Seal Treatment

    It might look like mousse that you would put in your hair…but keeping the rubber seals on your slideout supple and resistant to cracking and UV damage is it’s job.

  • Collapsible wash bucket

    • When you need to wash your RV while you’re on the road, consider keeping a collapsible bucket handy for easy storage.

Now that we’ve covered the outside cleaning work you must do, it’s time to think about the measures you need to take to keep the inside of your rig spick and span. Think about cleaning the inside of your RV the same way you would clean the inside of your house. Keeping extra paper towels, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, and handy antibacterial wipes around is always a good idea. And when you’ve got campers constantly going in and out of the rig, you are sure to track in some dirt and sand. To keep your carpets clean, we recommend keeping a small vacuum in your RV.

If you are well prepared with your cleaning supplies, and clean the inside and outside of your rig regularly, your RV will be glimmering in the sun as it flies down the road.

, Cleaning The Outside Of Your RV