Easy Camping Meals

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, Easy Camping Meals

Camping can work up quite an appetite and there is no reason to forfeit your favorite foods! Meals will require some careful planning and packing ahead of time, but that is one of the duties of packing for an outdoor adventure.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day so make enough of it to hold you over. Preparing some pancake batter and freezing it before hitting the road will allow for an easy bite to eat. For a breakfast side dish, plan to bring sausages that will cook easily on a stick or prong. Other frozen breakfast items that go over well are premade breakfast burritos wrapped in tin foil that can be tossed right on top of the fire grate. Many campers will choose to eat a large breakfast to hold them over until dinner time in hopes to skip prepping lunch.

For lunch or dinner, there are a variety of fast and efficient meals that don’t take up a ton of cooler space. Hot dogs are a familiar camp fire meal that many indulge in. Spice those dogs up by wrapping them in crescent rolls and prepping a side of campfire chili or macaroni and cheese in a Dutch oven over the fire.

Dessert is a must around a campfire. There are so many options from doughnuts and s’mores to something called hobo pies. Stock the cooler with a package of your favorite store-bought dough rolls and sugar for doughnuts. Bring a loaf of bread, a panini press and some pie filling for the hobo pies. Don’t forget to bring your favorite chocolates, cookies, and crackers to mix up the s’mores to your liking.

The trip will turn into and all around adventure as you test your limits while cooking over a campfire. Getting creative with a hefty appetite will surely produce some gourmet camp ground favorites.

, Easy Camping Meals