Getting Cozy: A Guide To RV Seating

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, Getting Cozy: A Guide To RV Seating

There’s nothing like a good cozy chair when you’ve had a long day. Or on those cold winter nights and rainy spring days. Finding the perfect seating is important. When you stop and think about it, you spend a lot of your day sitting when you’re not out and about. But before you set out on your search, take these thoughts into consideration.

Dining Room

This is the place where your family and guests gather to share their lives, their stories. It just makes sense that it should be comfortable for you and your guests, while working hard functionally. There are two types of dinette-style furniture. The first is a booth, which is like what you would see in a family restaurant. The other is a traditional table and chairs option with separate moveable tables and chairs.


Two long benches or a wraparound bench seat fits you and your guests around the table, and makes for a cozy dining experience. The great thing about booths is hidden storage. Really, who would have guessed a hollow seat could hold so much! Even better? There is no set up and take down or packing away when you’re ready to pull up anchor and sail off to your next destination. It’s always set up and always ready to use without any hassle. The downside though, is that the booths are stationary and unable to move, limiting what you can do with your layout.

Table and chairs

These sets are considered a little more modern than booths if you’re a forward-thinking kinda camper, and provide more options for flexibility around your living space. If you have a lot of guests one night, you’re free to move the chairs to another sitting area to accommodate for them, allowing your furniture to pull double duty. This is really important because you might not be able to bring extra seating with you because of space. The thing about working with individual pieces though, is making sure that they are secure enough to stand on their own without falling over while you’re moving.

Living Room

The living room is the second epicenter of your home. If your family and guests aren’t in your kitchen where the food is, you can bet that they’re in the living room visiting leisurely. There are two types of seating available for your main living space: theater seating and sofas.

, Getting Cozy: A Guide To RV Seating

Theater seating

These fancy suped-up recliners are usually a little wider and fluffier than traditional recliners. Not only do they perform like a recliner with all of the features, but some models also have cup holders or massagers build into them. A lot of people like these because they are extra comfortable and make a “den-like” atmosphere in their home that’s comfortable for entertaining guests. The downside to these is that they are larger than most furniture, meaning you’ll get fewer seats and need a bigger RV to accommodate them.


Traditional sofas are more like what you would be accustomed to seeing in someone’s living room. They come in a slew of different sizes, styles and colors, and are easy to customize to fit your taste. These are always a good option if you’re looking for that classic look and provide lots of seating for your guests.

So which should you get? A booth? Dining table and chairs? Theater seating or just a sofa? There really is no clear answer to this one. It’s all about how you’re using it, how often and what fits your lifestyle best. If you’re living in your RV full-time, you’ll probably want extra storage space. If you’re always entertaining, getting the most of your seating arrangement is likely a priority for you. Whatever you choose, it’s got to be right for you and your Good Life.

, Getting Cozy: A Guide To RV Seating