Gimme Some Air! RV Vent Tips and Tricks

, Gimme Some Air! RV Vent Tips and Tricks

Your RV is your own little slice of heaven. When you’re there you want to be comfortable. You shouldn’t have to soak in sweat from nasty high temperatures or bundle up inside because of freezing cold conditions outside. The vents in your RV are made to help circulate air through your rig and maintain climate control inside.

Knowing how to use these and picking up on some tips and tricks along the way can help you make sure you’re safe, comfortable and saving money.

Vent Lids

These are placed on the outside of your rig and can be opened to let air circulate through the living spaces, and they’re great for sleeping on those cool nights. Lids come in a lot of styles, and some even include screens to keep pests away without blocking off your fresh air supply. One thing to watch out for when you’re doing your routine maintenance checks is checking the seals around these vent lids to make sure they’re still secure. Since they’re on the outside of the rig they’re always exposed to the sun, wind, rain and temperatures. This means that they’re more likely to wear quickly. If you get a leak in this baby you’ll have a new water feature in your RV in no time.

Vent Shades

So you’re on vacation. It’s been stressful at work and you’re ready to kick back and relax, so you decide to take a nap. Butwhen you lay down, you find that it’s too bright in your RV, and it’s difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. These vents are great for circulating air, but not when they’re keeping you from getting some shut eye!

Shades go on the inside of your RV in the living spaces. They’re placed directly below any vent lids and help block out sunlight and noise. They’re compact, come in many colors and styles, and are easy to use. Some of the shades fit flush with the vent itself, seated in a thin frame to cover the opening. Others can be added after market, and can roll up on themselves for quick and efficient deployment and storage. They just pull over the vent opening and voila! No more sun in your eyes while you’re catching your zzz’s. Sweet dreams.

Vent Pillows

Vent pillows fit snugly under the vent lid to prevent any sun or noise from coming through. Because they’re thick, they do a really good job with both of these. RVers have also found that they maintain temperature control by keeping the hot outside on hot days and the warm inside on cold days. Some smart engineer even got ahold of them and wrapped them in a reflective coating to do work double time as an insulator and reflector. Lowering your cooling and heating bill by reducing the amount of LP and electricity you’re using while also maintaining comfort in your ride? We’d call that a win-win.

, Gimme Some Air! RV Vent Tips and Tricks

Choose Your Style

The bulky ugliness of the old original lids, vents and shades are a thing of the past. More companies are giving buyers more options so that they can get the look they want without compromising function. So if you’re thinking these just put too much of a cramp in your style, it is possible to find something that’s sexy, and also helps you save money and keeps you comfortable in the process.

Using vent lids, shades, pillows or a combination will help you keep dollars in your wallet and heat (or cold, depending on your liking) inside. Each comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and with different features. This gives you the ability to customize your look to express your personality while also finding a great fit for your Good Life.

, Gimme Some Air! RV Vent Tips and Tricks