Going Green in Your RV: Environmentally Friendly Tips for Your Rig

Apr 4 2016

Today, being green is not a trend or fad. Many RVers are trying to find sustainable practices for their RVing trips to not only save energy and be earth-friendly, but save a little green too. Here are our tips for the environmentally-aware RVer who is looking to make a difference.

Go Solar

If you purchased a couple of solar panels, you could eliminate 90% of your normal generator use. If that’s not enough reason to think about installing some panels on your roof, think about how dry camping just got electrified! You won’t have to mess around with your generator when you pull up with no electricity to dock your RV. Not only that, but you could finally get some peace and quiet! Using a generator can be noisy, and create air pollution.


This one seems like a given. You’ve probably heard of the three R’s before (reduce, reuse, recycle). If you can stay away from using products that create a lot of waste, bring reusable containers along with you camping and of course, find a way to recycle your disposables instead of just throwing them away in the garbage, you will be taking a simple step to reduce your carbon footprint. And, a lot of campgrounds even offer recycling areas, so it’s simple to go green! Even if they don’t, you could set aside a small box in your RV to collect the recyclables and dispose of them properly.

Say Bye to the Bottle

Another simple tip to go green in your RV is to ditch the bottled water. Bottles of water are an expensive and wasteful way to stay hydrated. Instead, invest in a good water filter for your rig and stick to the tap. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can also buy a Brita water filter or something similar to keep the clean water flowing. Did you know that just one water pitcher filter can replace as much as 300 standard 16.9-ounce bottles? It’s well worth making the switch, for the environment and your wallet!

Make the Switch to LEDs

This is another easy green tip! Instead of replacing the lightbulbs in your RV with regular wattage, try making the switch to LED lighting. LED lights are much more efficient, and will have a longer lifespan too! Less changing lightbulbs, and more saved energy? Sounds like a pretty bright idea.

There are simple measures that you can take that will keep your RV running in a more eco-friendly manner. After all, we all love the great outdoors, so let’s do our best to keep it beautiful!