Good Life RV: Top RV Tailgating Destinations

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, Good Life RV: Top RV Tailgating Destinations

You’ve been the pilot of many game day parties.  You’ve hosted plenty at your house, but nothing is quite like towing your trailer to your team’s home turf.  As a matter of fact, you enjoy it so much you’ve decided to hit the highways to hunt for some more of The Good Life – tailgating style.

 So, when the RV is revved up and raring to go for game day, why not check out one of our five favorite RV tailgating destinations?

Before you head to one of the locations, or to your favorite team’s home stadium, be sure to check the rules, regulations and cost for parking your RV.  You’ll want to keep a special eye out for the lot’s opening time. RV-loving tailgaters tend to start living the Good Life early on game day, and you’ll want a prime spot to show off that team pride!

Sonoma Raceway

29355 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA

This is one of the best race tracks to pull your rig into not only because of the racing and the picturesque California scenery but also because of the culture.  At Sonoma, the partying race diehards are known to take their tailgating to a completely different level.  Parents, don’t worry. The track has dialed down its party-hard mentality recently and has become a lot more family friendly.

Of course, you’ll find hot dogs, hamburgers, wine coolers and cold beers among all the travel trailers.  But, at Sonoma you’ll also find unique things to do, eat and drink.  Fruits, salads and veggies are everywhere you look, partly due to the culture of the area and its locals.  And right next to those bottles of beer all cozy in their koozies, you’ll see a smattering of glasses topped off with fine red and white wines.

Cheers to that checkered flag!

Lambeau Field

1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay, WI

Don’t be surprised if the town of Green Bay, Wisconsin feels like a wild west ghost town on game day.  But instead of all the locals heading to the duel of the week, you’ll find all the cheese heads watching the Packers play, huddled around TVs, bellying up to the par or headed to the ultimate Pack party at Lambeau.

Your RV is more than welcome, too, just not in the stadium parking lots.  But that’s what makes it fun.  You’ll see plenty of fellow RV enthusiasts parked in lots and fields around the stadium area.  Since it’s Wisconsin, you’ll be amidst plenty of bratwursts, burgers and, of course, cheese along with all of the green and gold.  Lots of local brew flows freely, too, as you’ve found yourself in the state that is home to breweries like Miller, Leinenkugel and Pabst among others.  Go, Pack, Go!

Tiger Stadium (LSU)

South Stadium Rd, Baton Rouge, LA

Tiger Stadium, the home to the Louisiana State University football program, has been known as Death Valley since the 1960’s.  On game day, though,  Tiger Stadium and the surrounding areas are full of life.  As a matter of fact, on Saturdays, Baton Rouge becomes the fifth largest city in Louisiana due to the 100,000 plus people that pack the campus.

That many people means that there are a lot of RVs.  Ranging from custom 5th wheels to decked out classic-campers, you’ll most definitely be able to get your grub on as there are grills-a-plenty.  Don’t be surprised, though, when you see gumbo, jambalaya, gator and crawfish on people’s plates.   If you can score a nighttime ticket, the smorgasbord of options becomes even more supersized as more travelers flock to cheer on their Tigers.

Kinnick Stadium

825 Stadium Drive, Iowa City, IA

Big time RVs can be seen in the lots of this Big Ten school that is known for its historic football program, academics and… well, it’s partying. Although the school has dialed down the drinking days, gameday offers a party-like atmosphere that is hard to rival in the heartland.  The home of the Hawkeyes offers up different parking options for the RV driver, all within walking distance of kickoff.

Home football weekends for the University of Iowa are more than just your typical Saturday game. Fans of the Hawkeyes from all parts of the state of Iowa and the Midwest find their fifth wheelers in Iowa City for an entire weekend of fun on the UI campus. Tailgating starts as soon as the sun comes up and goes into the night as the Black and Gold fans their Hawkeyes.

Arrowhead/Kauffman Stadiums

Truman Sports Complex, Kansas City, MO

Along with the massive three-year facelift and renovation of Truman Sports Complex in 2010 came a much-improved game day experience for two professional sports teams; the MLB’s Royals and the NFL’s Chiefs.  Both teams have rich game day traditions and a rabid fan base which make the tailgating at Kaufmann a treat.

You’ll be in Kansas City, so you know there’ll be plenty of rubbed ribs and barbecue basking in the heat of the grill.  To go along with that, you’ll want to find a nice cold beer, right?  Chances are if you look for a local, you’ll be able to strike a deal for a bottle of Boulevard, brewed locally in KC. Whether it’s football or baseball, you’ll want to take your family and friends out to the ballgame to try a bit of heartland hospitality.

, Good Life RV: Top RV Tailgating Destinations