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It’s Friday at 5 p.m.  That, alone, is a reason to celebrate but there’s something else that’s really been getting you going. Before you hit the road to head home, you shoot a group text out to the family.  “Only two weeks, guys!  R u ready 2 road trip??” Your excitement grows and your phone alerts you almost immediately.  There’s the chirp from your daughter soon followed by the gong sound you’ve assigned to your son. The texts are streaming in, but there’s a… problem.

As you scroll through the texts that are piling up by the second, you notice your kids’ texts are riddled with frowny faces, angry looking emojis and a long list of acronyms you don’t understand.  It sure seems like your excitement for the trip is not shared… at all.  The last text just about sums it up.  It’s from your wife.  “OMG.  They r freaking.  How will they live with no WiFi??  LOL.”

After a few moments of silence for life as you know it, and a few phone calls to your RV dealer, you know it’ll be ok.  You realize there’s not enough time (or money) to upgrade to this road-worthy high-tech titan but you do know you can take a look at some fairly affordable high-tech travel tips for your RV.

Most campgrounds have Wi-Fi.  But, just like at home, the closer you are to the router, the better your signal will be.  So, if you’re parked away from the main office, your signal won’t be the best.  On top of that, since most RV parks and campsites share their Wi-Fi across the whole ground, they limit you to strict site surfing and don’t allow streaming or gaming.  For these reasons (and to prevent astronomical data fees from when you’re actually on the road,) a large percentage of RVers are adding their very own Wi-Fi service to their rig by using… their very own mobile phone.  Depending on your cellular service provider, you can use your phone as your very own mobile hotspot.  This allows others with your password to tether to the signal for easy connection but beware – these will use your data. If you’d like to make more out of the campground’s signal instead of creating your own, you could check into different mobile boosters available on the market.  You’ll still have to limit yourself to basic site streaming at most campgrounds, though.

, High-Tech RV TRAVEL


Now, you’ve got your signal situated, you know your teenage kids will love being able to rock out to their favorite jams and watch the latest on-demands.  But, what will they watch and listen on?  If you’re not one of the lucky few that purchased a top-of-the-line RV with the latest and greatest electronics, fear not.  You can always upgrade your RV to include most of the plasma and LED television sets readily available.  It’s fairly easy to upgrade your sound system as well, including the speakers. Let’s face it, most stock RV stereos leave a little to be desired if you’re an audiophile. For the actual content, nowadays, most Blu-Ray players and smart TVs come with a native set of apps, including Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and/or YouTube so you should be set with software on your initial purchase. As far as installation, there are lots of tips and tricks online that can help you if you’re into the DIY thing.  We’d recommend talking to a professional, though.  This is one sound investment you’ll want to look good for the long haul.  Other things to think about including in your high-tech RV: any of the latest video game consoles and satellite/over-the-air tv dish/receivers.


There’s an app for that.  We get it.  So, how about incorporating some more mobile into your mobile home?  For the planner in you, check out these apps that can easily keep your gang on track when you’re on the road.  If your family is into fun and games on the road or at the park, your mobile’s got your back.  You can download and play the very basics of card and board games like Scrabble and Monopoly or some new, fun interactive games, like Heads-Up or Pictureka!  Probably one of the coolest uses of mobile apps in RVs are the ones designed to communicate with all of the electronics in your home on wheels.  Depending on the manufacturer of your suite, be sure to search for apps that can turn your tablet or phone into a universal remote control for everything in your RV.

, High-Tech RV TRAVEL