Hole in Your RV Roof? Learn How to Fix It

, Hole in Your RV Roof? Learn How to Fix It

When the sun’s shining and you’re outside, it’s easy to forget how important the roof of your RV is. But when it’s rainy, cold and dark outside, the roof of your RV is a crucial part of keeping nature out and comfort in.

Your RV is a constant battle between lightness and durability. Sure, it would be a lot more durable if it were made of steel, but it wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun hauling an Abrams tank around on I-80. If it were too light, the common hazards of the road—twigs, rocks and the like—could cause hefty damage.

The roof of your RV is mostly made of rubber, and it’s not invincible. Bad things happen occasionally. Here’s how to do small RV roof repairs when they do.


  • Metal Scraper
  • Fine (600 Grit) Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Gloves
  • M1 Sealant
  • EPDM Tape

The roof of your RV is likely made from a rubber-like material called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), a super-durable material designed for low-sloping roofs, just like the one on your RV.

, Hole in Your RV Roof? Learn How to Fix It

Look for Water Damage

If there is any sign of water damage on the roof of your RV, seek help from a professional at Good Life RV.


Safety First

Gloves are a crucial part of this repair. Wear them, and consider wearing eye protection as well.


Clean the Repair Area

Using the brush, remove any stubborn dirt. Scrape any excess caulk, if applicable, with the metal scraper. Then use the sandpaper to lightly score and prepare the area.


Apply Sealant

In any recesses, apply M1 sealant and use the metal scraper to make a level surface. Glue down any loose EPDM surfaces with M1 as well. Let the caulk cure for 24 hours.



Using an EPDM tape such as Eternabond, cover the damaged area and smooth. Let dry 24 hours.

, Hole in Your RV Roof? Learn How to Fix It