How Much Does It Cost To Live In An RV?

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how much does it cost to live in an RV

“RV’s are so expensive!” It’s not the first time we’ve heard that line. But have you ever stopped to think about what it actually will cost you to live in an RV versus living in a traditional stationary home? These tips and tricks will help you boost your gas mileage and live a happy Good Life knowing you’re saving a whole boatload of money.

Lighten your load.

Ditch anything you can live without while you’re on your trip to keep the weight of the vehicle down. The heavier your load is, the more your gas mileage will suffer. Aside from leaving some of your favorite things at home, you can also consider emptying the majority of your freshwater supply and then filling up when you get to your campsite to further lighten your RV weight. This is a simple way to maintain or increase your gas mileage as you’re cruisin’ on down the road.

Set up shop.

Choosing to drive fewer miles obviously helps conserve your gas mileage. Not only are you using less fuel to move around, but putting down some temporary roots at a campground you really like can also bring other monetary benefits your way. The longer you stay at a campground, the deeper your discount (especially if you’re traveling off peak season). The decision to stay in one spot also gives you the opportunity to thoroughly explore your new home away from home. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something exciting on one of your adventures!

Campsite discounts.

Some of the perks of getting older are the sweet discounts you can get! You’ve weathered through some of life’s toughest storms and seen a few of its biggest triumphs. We think you deserve a break, and so do some of our favorite campgrounds. Check whether your AAA or AARP cards are accepted at local campgrounds and put  some change back in your pocket. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. What’s the worst that will happen?

Consider state park campgrounds.

These tend to be a little more inexpensive than the RV resorts that are often advertised. As a bonus, they’re usually packed full of trails and waterways like lakes, creeks or rivers. This makes state parks one of our favorite picks to camp out on and explore the cool activities around us.

Fuel up.

As an RV owner, you’re naturally going to be driving a fair amount. Invest in a gas card that saves you money at the pump or gives you rewards points that you can redeem for cash or things you need. You’re going to be paying for gas anyway; you might as well get a little somethin’ in return.

, How Much Does It Cost To Live In An RV?

Making money on the road.

How much money you save when you’re RVing depends largely on how you plan your trip. Taking a few minutes to think ahead about meals and travel routes can go a long way in your checkbook. Consider signing up for an online forum to share your ideas about RVing to make a little extra cash on the side if you’re really strapped and looking for something up your alley.

But really, how much?

So you’re still asking, “What’s it gonna cost to live in my RV?” Using research from a few friendly seasoned RVers, the average cost per year of living in your RV full-time is about $10,000 for two people. While this sounds like a crazy amount of money, keep in mind that this also factors in utilities and food, which you would already be paying if you were living in a permanently fixed home. According to, the average cost of living in the midwest is $39,649 annually for a married couple with no children. If you look around, there are a ton of ways you can drive down the cost you’re racking up on the go, which is the great thing about RV living!

If you’re frugal like we are, intentionally saving money is totally worth the experience of driving and camping on the open road. It’s easy to save money if you know where to look for the opportunities. We challenge you to find creative ways you can save as you’re rollin’ down the road living and loving your Good Life.