How To Be A Great RV Host

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, How To Be A Great RV Host

You’ve invited some friends along on your camping trip. You want to show your guests a great time, and you want them to see just what makes traveling in your RV so special. When you want your guests to live the Good Life right along with you, remember these helpful hosting tips!


If your guests are not avid RVers like you, they might need some basic living tips for their stay with you. If they have never stayed in an RV before, they will probably be excited to learn the ins and outs of your ride! Give them the full tour, and make sure you give some pointers along the way. The last thing you want is for your guest to go to the bathroom, and not know how to flush the toilet. Make sure you let your guests know that there is a foot pedal to flush the toilet. And for the sake of your RV’s plumbing system, make sure you let your guests know that they cannot flush regular toilet paper or tissue.

If you are camping in a location that doesn’t have utility hookups, make sure your guests know what the power and water usage should be. If you are using a generator, maybe not everyone will be able to plug in their phones and run the ceiling fan. Let your guests know what they can and cannot do right away to avoid issues. Show them where the tank indicators are so they can see water levels if you are not in the RV at the time.

When you are preparing food in your RV, and your guests are willing to help with preparation, make sure you show them all the tips and tricks you use. You might have a table extension that could come in handy, or an overhead cabinet containing all of the best spices. Take the time to show them around the RV’s kitchen, and you will be rewarded by having a confident helper in the kitchen!

, How To Be A Great RV Host


Your guests might not have packed everything they need for their stay. To be the best host/hostess, you will have some backup supplies in case your guests were forgetful when they packed for the trip. We recommend keeping some extra living supplies and toiletries around such as:

  • extra pillows
  • blankets or sleeping bags
  • soap and hand sanitizer
  • spare toothbrushes
  • towels

With any of the above supplies, you will be a lifesaver for having extra to give in your guest’s time of need.


Making sure your guests have a great time while staying in your RV is one of the most important parts of hosting. On top of the fun outdoor activities you can do while you are staying in the RV, it’s a great idea to have some entertainment optionsavailable in case it rains. Having a couple of DVDs in your RV will make for a great impromptu movie night, and don’t forget to have a couple of board games packed in your rig, too! And of course, the very last key to being a good host is providing food and drink. It doesn’t have to be much, but having some snacks and drinks available to your guests is important.

Now that your guests feel at home during their stay in your RV, you can let the good times roll. And who knows, your guests might just be convinced to buy an RV of their own once you’re through with them!

, How To Be A Great RV Host