How To Choose An RV Campsite

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, How To Choose An RV Campsite

Choosing the right campground for your needs can seem like a daunting task. Heck, even which plot you choose to park on can make a big difference during your camping weekend! After all, that campground with all the amenities you can imagine is nice, and that plot next to the lake is sure a lot more scenic than the one across from the bathroom station. Honestly? There are many factors to consider when you are choosing your campsite. We’ve boiled down what you need to know to reserve the best spot on the lot to get the most of your Good Life.

What do You Want

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a campground is what features you want to see. Do you live and breathe the Internet? Are you traveling with pets that like to be off leash? Maybe you’d like to be close to town to check out eats and attractions? Whatever the case, the first decision you need to make about your campground is whether or not they have what you’re looking for. If this piece isn’t in place, you won’t be happy with the site regardless of anything else it has to offer.

User Reviews

It’s an online world out there! When you’re looking for a campground you’ll want to look at what other people have said about it. Even if the campsite has mixed reviews, you can generally get a pretty good feel for its overall quality. A one-off stellar review or sleazy report doesn’t carry as much weight as three or four. For the most part, people tend to write about sites they had a really awesome experience at and sites where they were miserable. Look up reviews online to see what people are saying before you commit to your entire weekend there.

Decisions, Decisions

Once you decide on a campground to stay at, the next step is to select which spot to take in the lot. Just like choosing the campsite as a whole, claiming your location is a personal decision and depends on your preferences and habits. If you tend to be a little louder, you’ll want to choose a spot that is exclusively for RVs instead of mixed with tent campers. There’s a little more barrier for sound that way, so it’s alright if you make a little more noise (you’re just letting everyone know where the party’s at).

, How To Choose An RV Campsite

Early to Bed

If you like to catch your ZZZs a little earlier than most, choose a spot that’s toward the back of the lot. The closer you are to the lot entrance, the more traffic you have driving by. After dark when you’re likely sleeping, headlights from the passing vehicles will keep you up. All. Night. Long. Coupled with the traffic noise of rigs passing by, kiss those precious ZZZs goodbye.

Energy Buzz

You like the finer things in life (you know, like air conditioning). What do you need to power these things? Electricity. Find a spot that’s got convenient access to plugins if that’s your choice method for power. If your electricity comes in the form of a noisy generator, you’ll want to find a spot away from tent campers to prevent noise complaints.

To Reserve or Roll the Dice

The next choice is to decide whether to reserve a spot for your rig. If you’re particular about where you stay, absolutely reserve a campground and spot. This oftentimes means that you’ll get dibs on your ideal location. If you’re a stickler for a strict itinerary, a reservation is the way to go. Another consideration is how busy the campground will be. If you’re traveling in the dead of winter, it’s less likely that the site will fill up compared to a peak season summer stay.

Maybe you like to travel with loose plans. You know the “We’ll get there sometime tomorrow. We’ll see what comes our way. We’ll mosey our way there.” kind of travelers. If you can afford to have loose plans, it can be beneficial to camp at sites as they come so you’re not locked into a particular campsite or location.

One of the toughest decisions when you’re on the road is choosing where to stay along the way. With these guidelines, finding your next amazing place to call home will be a snap as you enjoy the next overnight stay of your Good Life.

, How To Choose An RV Campsite