Making Christmas Merry In Your RV

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, Making Christmas Merry In Your RV

Want a white Christmas with your RV this year? Well, you’re not alone. All over the nation, RVs can be spotted on the holiday road and you shouldn’t be any different.  You might be a snowbird spending the holidays in the heat as you escape the Great White North.  You may be that family that likes to pull up and park your festive fifth wheel in your relatives’ driveways. (Having your own space is always a good thing.)  Or, you could be the full-timer that hangs out for the holidays in your tinseled travel trailer.

Regardless, Good Life RV wants you to have the merriest Christmas possible while you’re parked, so we’ve got a few tips as you get ready to celebrate the holidays in your ho-ho-home on wheels.


Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without that tree to trim, right?  Just because you’re in an RV, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that timeless tradition.  We have seen anything from the tiniest of toy-like trees all the way to towering six-foot timber inside fifth wheels and travel trailers.  Ultimately, the choice is up to you (and the size/height of your RV.)  The bigger the tree is the more room and storage you will have to give up inside your ride.  If you get a smaller tree, you can always stack it on top of presents until the big morning, ultimately conserving space.  If you decide on a bigger one, perhaps store your presents in the basement of your RV until it’s time to unwrap.

Besides deciding on the size of your tree, you’ll also need to make the decision that most homeowners do every year.  Should your tree be real or artificial?  For ease of cleanup, a fake tree could be your choice.  It will leave only a few fake needles lying behind on your carpet while the chance of bugs, sap and other tree debris getting stuck in your rug is much less.  If you’re a full-timer, the lure of a real tree could be calling.  Artificial trees require storage, whereas when the holiday is over, you can just take your real tree out to the trash.  (Be certain to check your campsite rules.)

If your RV is crammed with family and you don’t have much room to begin with, you might want to consider hanging an illuminated tree.  These can be hung on walls or windows to save space while still providing that Christmas cheer.

, Making Christmas Merry In Your RV


Holiday decorating wouldn’t be complete without all the lights, stars and garland.  Just like your tree centerpiece, you don’t have to sacrifice any yuletide decor, either.  Since making the most out of your space in your RV is important, we suggest trying to keep your countertop knick-knacks to a minimum. Not only will this keep your counters available for holiday treats and drinks, but it will also prevent you from having to tie down or pack away anything, if and when you need to do some driving.

Holiday decorations don’t just belong on the inside of your RV.  If you’re up to it, you can always decorate the outside of your fifth wheel or travel trailer, too. This really comes down to how much you want your RV to resemble the Griswald house humming down the highway.  It’s Christmas, though, so don’t worry about the grinches.  Just be sure that whatever you hang on the outside of your vehicle won’t cause any permanent damage to your siding.  You’ll also want to make sure that everything is fixed securely enough that you don’t end up seeing Rudolph rolling down the road in your rearview.

If you’re a full-timer or are staying at a campground for an extended period, the sky (or, the ground) is the limit.  Just as you can personalize your own campsite with store bought or DIY decorations during the warmer months, you can make your campground one cool Christmas scene. You can implement signs, lights, statues, inflatables and maybe even some sort of audio setup with holiday songs. The only rule is to have fun while respecting your campsites rules and neighbors.

Now you have some tips on making the most out of Merry Christmas in your RV, you’ll just have to make that list, check it twice and find out if you’ve been naughty or nice.  Maybe Santa will bring you one of these. We would sure love one.

, Making Christmas Merry In Your RV