Making Memories ‘n Music In Your RV

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, Making Memories ‘n Music In Your RV

Music brings people together. That’s just the way it’s always been and will continue to be. It’s the lifeblood of society that extends beyond all differences that may have existed only moments before. So for our traveling musicians out there (or for those looking to pick up an ice-breaker) here are a few instruments that are convenient for traveling and tips for how to travel with them.

The Guitar

Ok, ok, so this instrument isn’t so little. But it is super portable and fairly easy to maintain. As with all instruments, the elements don’t play nice with them, so be sure to give as much protection as you can from heat, cold and moisture. These conditions can cause the wood to warp, which distorts your sound and eventually can destroy your instrument. When you’re traveling with a guitar, keep it in a protective case so it doesn’t get damaged if it’s bumped around a little in transit.

Violins and Fiddles

Definitely smaller than a guitar, which makes for easier transportation. Same rules apply for these instruments: keep them protected from the elements and invest in a sturdy travelling case to help protect them against bumps. Loads of people can play the guitar, but it takes special talent to be able to play a bow and strings. Impress the next group you camp out with by showing off your unique talents on your violin or fiddle!


This long lost classic is finding its way back into America’s campgrounds, and lives in a pocket-size portable case. Its unmistakable sound is something that everyone’s ears perk up to (just to make sure it isn’t their four-year-old blowing into it for all they’re worth). When done with skill, the harmonica is pure rhythm and blues in a soulful mix. And it’s a bit of a dying art, so your fellow campers are sure to take another look (and keep their ears there) while you’re playing your heart out.

Flutes and Recorders

These tiny treasures are another surprise for a campground riddled with guitars. Even smaller than a violin or fiddle, and with just as much punch, a well-played flute or recorder is a treat for unsuspecting ears. They’re definitely not something you’re going to hear every day. And the compactness makes them a great choice for travelling.

, Making Memories ‘n Music In Your RV


Yep, you read that right. Spoons. We had to see this to believe it ourselves. Crazy, but people have been playing these regular old eating instruments for centuries. Simple to carry with you (you’ve probably already got them packed up), this is definitely on the unconventional side of our travelling music instruments list. Watch this and be amazed.

The Fine Print

We wouldn’t be responsible bloggers if we didn’t include this last little detail, so here it goes. It’s really cool if you can play an instrument (any instrument). Being able to play is a great way to entertain your guests and make a few friends along the way. But it’s also a really easy way to annoy your neighbors, especially when you’re all sharing one campground. While some neighbors think it’s really neat and will want to hear every song in your repertoire, there are others that might want you to keep your hidden talents to yourself. So be courteous! Pay attention to those around you, the times and how loudly you’re playing, maybe even consider asking close neighbors if it’s ok with them. We totally dig freedom of expression, but we also respect other people and their space.

Travelling with a musical instrument can be a lot of fun. It’s perfect for connecting with old friends and making some lifetime fellow jammers along the way. Just remember to be courteous to your neighbors. There’s a time and place for your playing sessions. You have to admit though. Nothing quite says Good Life without a few accompanied songs around the campfire.

, Making Memories ‘n Music In Your RV