No Front Desk Needed: RVs vs Hotels

, No Front Desk Needed: RVs vs Hotels

From extra baggage fees to ticket increases to check-in charges, it seems like whenever you want to fly the friendly skies and take a family vacation, things just aren’t that friendly to your pocket book. Then, there’s the whole process of getting to the airport, fighting lines to check in, making your way through security and hoping (which usually is just that… hope) that your flight departs on time.

Keeping all that in mind,  it’s no surprise that over 60% of travelers said they would prefer to hit the road to get to their holiday destination. A good sized portion of those drivers has thought about what their vacations would be like if they were in an RV. After all, driving long stretches of road in even the most spacious of SUV’s can turn what was supposed to be family fun time into Family Feud time, right?  There are plenty of benefits of being your own concierge and ditching the front desk for your own set of wheels.  Here are some to think about.

  1. Food – We don’t need to tell you that cooking for a family of four at home is, more often than not, going to be cheaper than taking the fam out to a restaurant or ordering room service. With an RV, you can absorb the cost of ordering off the menu by creating your own menu. Since you’ve got a fully functional kitchen, why not use it? Say it with me: “No more $5 water!”

  2. Sleep – You invested in an RV for a number of reasons.  One of the main factors was the desire to spend more quality time with your family.  So, what’s your preference?  Would you rather hit the open road with your family, bunking down in your fifth wheel while you explore Americana together?  Or, would you rather check in and cram the kids into cubes consisting of four very thin walls where you get to hear the screaming baby next door… or, maybe, something worse? Yikes!  One other thing to keep in mind is your family size.
    If you’re traveling with four or more, you’ll probably need a second hotel room.
    There’s plenty of space and flexibility when it comes to an RV.  (Quite a cost break, too!)

  3. Flexibility – During peak travel times, most hotels get booked early forcing the typical traveler into planning earlier than they would like.  When room reservations are at a premium, costs also tend to spike. This locks you into a pretty strict schedule and doesn’t afford you the flexibility that an RV would.  When you travel with your fifth wheeler or travel trailer, you can afford to listen to the kids when they ask if you can stay one more day.

  4. Convenience – OK. So your RV doesn’t come with turn-down service, nor does it come with a built-in maid to clean your room and bathroom. The hotel wins there.  But, when it comes down to it, while you do have to clean up after your messy clan, your RV is convenient with a capital ‘C.’ You can have meals whenever and wherever you like, some of the times in the most scenic of settings.  You can change whenever the mood fits you because, unlike hotels, your clothes are always accessible when you have your home on wheels. You can always sneak off and nap in your own arctic air conditioning, too, if you need a quick break from all the outdoor activity. (We won’t tell.  We promise.)

  5. Culture – You’re always much closer to nature and the outdoor life you wanted to experience when you’re in your own RV.  Most campgrounds offer family friendly activities, or you can bring your own list of fun things to do with the kids.  Be sure to look for campsites that have all the amenities you’re looking for.  Some RV campsites offer fishing, hiking, and other outdoor expeditions.  Don’t forget your neighbors, too.  In a hotel, the closest you come into contact with them is in the line for the continental breakfast buffet or when you’re yelling at them to be quiet!  Campgrounds are like a tiny community that attract like-minded, friendly people.  Find the right site and talk to the right neighbors, and you’ll probably walk away with new lifetime friends… or, at least some stories to tell.  (And, not the stories of how you’ll never go back to that hotel again.)

, No Front Desk Needed: RVs vs Hotels
, No Front Desk Needed: RVs vs Hotels