What to bring on a boat trip

There’s nothing like a weekend on the water. Between the serene nod of being out on the boat and the possibility of reeling in a great catch, it’s one of the best ways to truly get away from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re loading up the RV for a camping weekend that involves [...]

When does a bug bite need medical attention?

We can all agree that getting stung or bit by a bug is usually unpleasant. The small annoyance of crawling or flying critters is what we have to put up with in the great outdoors. Don’t get us wrong, it’s totally worth braving the elements to bask in the glory of mother nature, but it [...]

Weird and unique RVs

As you’re going down the road with your camper you notice a strange-looking rig rolling down the road next to you. After a double take, there’s a deep nagging question burning inside you…what is that thing?! Would you spend the night in one of these odd RV’s of the future? You might be amazed by [...]

Luxury RV Destinations

Camping is great and all, but sometimes you just need to take a break from the every day and take a vacay. When you’ve got an RV, doors of opportunity open for a vacation, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’re talking luxury RV resorts! For the skeptics in the crowd, all RV parks are not [...]

Thrill-Seeking RVers

For the adventuresome family, there’s nothing like exploring a good amusement park while you’re on the road. If you’re looking for the thrill of the 60 MPH drop or the lazy river is more your speed, there’s a ride for everyone. As you consider your amusement park getaway, plan to bring your RV to save [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Coolers

Let’s back this up a minute. Do you really even need a cooler? They’re big and bulky, and they can be expensive, which makes them as cumbersome to tote around as a raging, rabid squirrel (have you ever tried to catch one of these?). Unless you’re using these in large groups where you need the [...]

Severe Weather Travel: How to stay safe

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. We’re gearing up for storm season in the midwest again, and we all know what that means. Thunderstorms and tornadoes will be here before you know it. [...]

Guns and RV’s: What’s Safe and Legal

Whether you’re passing through or planning to stay a while, deciding to carry a firearm brings with it a whole other group of worries. Can you legally carry where you’re going? What kind of weapons are allowed? Are there restrictions for visitors? The tricky part of carrying a gun in your RV is that it’s [...]

Hybrid RV’s: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for an RV with more living space without adding extra weight and length to your fifth wheel, a hybrid travel trailer might be just the thing for you. They’re easy to pull and give you more living space than you’ll find in travel trailers of the same size. Not to mention they’re [...]

RV Mini-Vacations: Road Tripping for Some R&R

When spring has sprung, or the dog days of summer are upon you, the good ole RV will be calling your name. But, maybe you don’t have a ton of time to drive across country and take a super-awesome-epic road trip. Maybe the only time you have is for a mini vacation. The great news is, [...]