Pet Travel-Rollin’ With Rover

, Pet Travel-Rollin’ With Rover

Dogs are part of the family! Like their owners, they need a break from the everyday, mundane life they’re used to. So why not bring them on vacation with you?! There are several sites around the country that are built specifically for your pooch while he’s away from home (and we’re not talking kennels here).


Relaxing on the beach with a cold one in hand and soaking up the rays sounds like the life of luxury to us. If it’s something we enjoy, chances are it’s something your furry friend would enjoy too. There are a lot of beaches that allow leashed petsto splash in the waves with their family. In addition to some beach time, some of these campsites have other activities for your pet, like getting photos taken with them, hiking trails, tubing, kayaking and nature preserves for long walks. Don’t forget your frisbees and beach towels for when you’re done catching the waves.

Human-friendly Vacations For Pets

You love your dog, but maybe not enough to dedicate your entire vacation to him. No judgment here! There are lots of options for vacations that are both human-friendly and pet-friendly. Fort Collins, Colorado is a notoriously pet-friendly vacation spot that has activities for both you and Fido. You can even take a tour of the local brewery (and bring your dog with you to the tasting room too for an extra special bonding moment).

Everything is bigger in Texas, so head on down for another getaway you and your pooch won’t forget. The city of Austin boasts countless off-leash dog parks for your pup to roam, play and make new friends. He’ll love roaming the new spaces and finding puppy-dog games to enjoy with other visitors. Connect with some owners while you’re there and maybe even make a friend or two of your own. When you’ve worked up an appetite from your visit, most restaurants in the city are dog-friendly (as long as your furry friend behaves himself while he’s there).

Just For Fido

So far, most of the destinations we’ve talked about are human-focused with a few things for your pup to enjoy along the way. Four Paws Kingdom takes traveling and vacationing with your pet to a whole new level — it was made specifically with dogs in mind. It’s got segregated fenced-in dog parks, bathing and grooming stations, a doggy swimming pond and many other fun features.

, Pet Travel-Rollin’ With Rover

Stop in to take a look at the gift shop and art gallery during your stay. You might find a treasure or two to deck your RV out with and remember your trip by. While you’re there, you can enroll in obedience and agility classes, meet other dogs (and humans) with your favorite beverage and more fun events. An all-encompassing site, it gets a healthy two paws up on our list.


There are a ton of “Woofstock” events across the country and in Canada that use the old Woodstock model of entertainment. Most have a dog trick show and marketplace for treats and goodies, but all of the events vary from place to place. Taking your four-legged friend to one of these events gives them opportunities to meet new dogs and raises money to help other pets be adopted in the future.

Bringing your dog along with you on the road doesn’t have to be scary or challenging. Planning where you’re going and what you’ll be doing are the best ways to be as prepared for the trip as possible and will help calm your pup as you’re traveling. There are activities all around that focus on pets and their well-being. You can get in a little of that action by visiting these destinations and donating money so that these animals can have a Good Life, too.