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, Places To Camp Before You Die

Everyone’s got a bucket list: go skydiving, learn to play an instrument, train your spouse to put the toilet paper roll on the correct way (loose end over the top, of course!). You get the idea. Whatever your ambitions, you should include places you need to RV before you pass on into the great beyond. To get you started with your list of breathtaking destinations, we wrangled our top four places to see.

The Canadian Rockies

We typically think of the western region of the United States when we hear about the Rocky Mountains, but they extend all the way into western Canada for a stunning 3,000 miles of snow-capped peaks. Don’t get us wrong; the view of the chain in the US is phenomenal, but don’t discount what Canada has to offer. The region is known for its amazing wildlife and dense forests, but when this beauty meets the majestic Rockies, it’s a sight to behold. Crawling with pristine aqua blue waters and Alpine-covered mountain slopes, the Canadian Rockies are a must visit on our list.

Let’s be honest, this is Canada, so travel isn’t advised during the winter months because of heavy snow and ice.Campgrounds in Glacier National Park are only open for visitors between June and September and don’t accept reservations, so get there early to save your spot! Banff National Park also operates between June and September but accepts reservations for their campsites.

Grand Tetons

Though these aren’t the tallest or largest mountains in the US, they are the most popularly photographed. Not only do they draw nature photographers far and wide, these western icons are also home to diverse wildlife, including wolves, bears, bison and elk. It’s best to visit these towering cliffs between May and October since the weather is a little more predictable, but they can also be breathtaking earlier in the spring or later in the fall months. There are two sites available for RVersand the park suggests making reservations in advance to guarantee your spectacular view.

, Places To Camp Before You Die

Zion National Park

The twisted rock formations of Zion National Park are the perfect destination for photographers and adventurers of all kind. Whether you’re looking to hike, rock climb, cycle or just enjoy the scenery, there’s something for everyone here. For the daring adventurer, Zion’s whitewater rapids are also a big attraction. Be sure to get a permit for your watercraft before you shove off to avoid fines and get the latest info on safely enjoying your rapids adventure. Check out one of the two campgrounds offered within the park’s boundaries or make your semi-permanent home in one of the many private campgrounds nearby.


Maine in the Fall

So this isn’t a specific location, but we promise it is a fantastic view. Traveling through Maine during the first two weeks of October yields colorful views of fall reds, yellows and oranges. You may think you’ve seen every run-of-the-mill version of changing leaves, but this is better than any you’ve seen so far. The hundreds of maples and other foliage make a dramatic statement for anyone venturing through. While you’re there, catch one of the many festivals and fall celebrations like the Acadia Oktoberfest or Cumberland County Fair. With hundreds of camping site options, this is a must see location on your travels.


Badlands and Mount Rushmore

Both of these sites are humbling and inspiring. Enjoy the landscape of the Badlands, a large deposit of fossils in South Dakota. Captured within the rock, explore fossilized mammals and sunfish buried within the deposits. Camp with bison who call the Badlands home and wander through the Sage Creek Campground, or make your way to Cedar Pass for a more tame experience. When you’re done musing over the rocks’ preserved specimens, head over to Mount Rushmore and wonder at the 60-foot sculptures of our nation’s leaders. Go during the Independence Day holiday for a special show and activities.

“Seeing is believing,” the old saying goes. These sights are some you won’t want to miss. From the colors of fall to heart-pounding whitewater adventures, there’s no shortage of awesome places to visit with your RV. Know of a few more unforgettable camping spots? Let us know in the comments below! There’s no wrong way to enjoy your Good Life.

, Places To Camp Before You Die