RV Camping Recipes: Dessert Time!

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, RV Camping Recipes: Dessert Time!

After a long day of camping, sometimes you need to treat your sweet tooth. There are a lot of fun and creative desserts you can try that go far beyond the typical s’more. Here are our 12 favorite campfire recipes. And, don’t forget, a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream would compliment any of these tasty treats!

Giant Oreo Cookie Skillet

What could go wrong when you take a ton of cookie dough, put some oreos in it, and throw it over the fire in a skillet? Answer: nothing. You’ll need to get this full recipe to experience the chocolatey goodness.

Strawberry Shortcake Kabob

This is a fun recipe that mixes in some fruit! A spin on a classic strawberry shortcake, this mouth-watering treat is campfire friendly.

S’more Calzones

We love when recipes use s’more ingredients in a creative way. S’more calzones are a warm chocolately hug for your stomach. Get bakin’.

Campfire Monkey Bread

Quit monkeying around, and make sure you pack the rig with some ingredients for campfire monkey bread. You’ll need the skillet again for this treat, but it’s worth it. We promise.

, RV Camping Recipes: Dessert Time!

Campfire Donuts

If you’re wanting to fry up your dessert, campfire donuts are a must. These simple treats will definitely hit the spot.

Nutella Marshmallow Sandwiches

Grab the pie iron and pass the marshmallows! This dessert oozes nutella and marshmallow out of a warm toasty crust.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Burrito

Believe it or not, a toritlla makes a great home to sweet treats too. Load it up with peanut butter, chocolate and whatever else you’d like in your sweet toasty treat to make a dessert burrito.

Apple Pie in a Can

This recipe is clever and again uses a can over the fire. Simply throw all your ingredients in a can, throw it over the fire, and then enjoy single serve pies that are portable!

Camp Tiramisu

Of course, we have to throw a fancy recipe in our baker’s dozen. This tiramisu will be the envy of the campground, and it’s pretty easy to whip together!

Banana Pudding in a jar

We’ve used cans in our recipes, so why not use jars?! This simple and tastey recipe is also portable, which is helpful when you’re up walking and talking around the campfire.

Blueberry Dutch Oven Cake

This dessert is decadent. By using a cast iron dutch oven, you simply “dump” all of the ingredients together to create a dump cake. It may not have the prettiest presentation, but its real beauty lies within its taste.

Toasted Cookie Sandwich

This sweet will bring out your inner cookie monster. Throw two cookies into the pie iron, with some cookie dough in between. The result? Chocolatey happiness.

, RV Camping Recipes: Dessert Time!