RV Mail—How it Works

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, RV Mail—How it Works

Full-time RVers undoubtedly have it going. They’ve got beautiful views at every turn and tour scenic places regularly with family and friends. When you choose to live in your RV full-time, there are some circumstances you should consider. It’s great to be on the road and see the countryside, but just because you’re traveling to new destinations, it doesn’t mean that you are also traveling away from your responsibilities.

Your bills should be the last thing on your mind while you’re traveling. After all, you’re there to enjoy yourself and the company you’re with. Before those bills start making you feel like you’re going postal, you should set up a plan for mail forwarding.

Pick Up Please

In the case of part-time RVers, you could authorize someone to check your mail for you. If you’ve got a great neighbor or friend that’s willing to stop by, you can save yourself the expense of renting a PO box or having the post office hold your mail for you. After collecting it, they could mail a package to you with all of the important stuff when you dock your rig. Now we’ve probably got you thinking, “Isn’t that illegal, Good Life?” Technically, no. If you give your consent, a neighbor can pick up the mail without fear of repercussions from the Federal Government (aka you won’t have to bail them out of jail when you get back home).

Mail-Forwarding Services

Another way you can get your mail is to sign up for a mail-forwarding service. The center receives your mail, puts it in a box and forwards it to you. The benefit of using this service is that everything is sorted in a USPS-like secure facility, so you don’t have to worry about someone sneaking a peek. For a little extra, you can also ask for your mail to be sorted so you don’t receive junk mail. The process can be expensive to sort and ship your packages, but it might be worth the extra cost to save room in the packages and avoid being overcharged for receiving free credit card offers.

, RV Mail—How it Works

Rain Or Shine…

Like UPS, the USPS can hold your mail for you and then forward it all to you when you reach your home away from home. You’ll have to pay an extra fee for forwarding, but at least you won’t have old mail sitting in your car and you know you’ll get your bills before they get you in trouble. The USPS will only hold mail for a maximum of 30 days, so if you’re planning to be away for more, you’ll have to find another way to get your mail.

Brown Can Do It For You

The boys in brown will ship your mail to you when you’ve found your new temporary home. UPS has a system that lets you rent a mailbox in one of their facilities. It’s is kind of like having a PO box, but you’ll get a street address to use. Prices depend on where you sign up, and you have to make an in-person appointment via their website to rent a box. When you’re at your new location, give them a ring and they’ll ship it to your door. It’s that easy!

Digital Delivery

New on the scene are services that not only receive your mail, sort it and forward it on, they do it using scanners and email. Using this type of delivery, you’re guaranteed to have your mail almost instantly. Rest assured that while you’re out having the time of your life, you won’t miss anything on the home front either.

Choosing to be a nomad is choosing to live a life of thrill. Everyday responsibilities shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your rig. Decide which method of mail forwarding is right for you to sign, seal and deliver your next Good Life trip.

, RV Mail—How it Works