RV Newbs: Commonly Asked RV Questions

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, RV Newbs: Commonly Asked RV Questions

You’ve spent endless hours scouring RV websites for your dream rig, and you’ve dragged your family all over what seems like half of America, walking through countless fifth wheels and travel trailers. You’ve been checking out all the specs and the best features, and you’ve been test-driving like your old high-school driving teacher. But, you’re still not sure if the RV lifestyle is right for you. After all, you’ve still got some questions. Never fear, RV newbie! Good Life RV has scoured the web to find three most commonly asked RV questions from your RV rookie peers. Those questions and our answers are below.

That’s not really a question we can answer, we can make some suggestions for you based on what you’ll be using the RV for, how many people you’ll go RVing with and where you’ll be taking it. For instance, if you’re going to be travelling with kids, you might want to opt for a bunkhouse, or if you have lots of outdoor toys like motorcycles and ATV’s, you’ll probably want to look at a toy-hauler type of travel trailer or fifth wheel. For more information on the different varieties of RVs available, check out our free “RV 101” eBook.

How does RV financing work?

Most of us will need to finance an RV when we’re ready to purchase. If you’re financially stable enough to be able to buy straight-out, go ahead and skip this question, you lucky dog. When it comes time to finance, you should check with your credit union, bank or RV dealer to see what sort of loans are available. Because most recreational vehicles have beds,kitchens and bathrooms, they are technically considered to be homes by the IRS which means any interest on your RV loan can be deducted just like a home mortgage. To help you out, we have another free resource available to you, Good Life RV’s Financing Checklist.

How do you decide where to go and what campgrounds to go to?

Similar to the first question, this truly depends on your situation. Some people just like to free-wheel it, going wherever on a whim, whereas some families like a tightly locked down itinerary. Keep in mind some campgrounds do get fully-booked so we actually do suggest determining a destination and booking ahead of time. Want some ideas on where to go? We’ve got your back there, too. From quick weekend trips to extended getaways, check out our “RV There Yet?” eBook series and some other great Good Life travel guides – complete with directions, photo opportunities and fun things to do.

, RV Newbs: Commonly Asked RV Questions

Those were just the top 3 questions asked at RV dealerships across the country. There are obviously so many more questions that you probably have on your mind, and we’re here to help. We’d love to see you and answer them in person. If you’d like to, book a no-obligation tour hereand ask away. If reading is more your style, be sure to check out our blogs with lots of commonly asked questions including maintenancetowing, parking and plenty of servings of campfire recipes. We hope to see you on the road soon, livin’ the Good Life! There really is nothing like it.

, RV Newbs: Commonly Asked RV Questions