RV Thirsty? Drinking Games for Campers

, RV Thirsty? Drinking Games for Campers
Jan 17 2017

“Do you remember that time when…?” The beginning of every great story almost always starts out with these six words (and they’re never the result of something as innocent as consuming mass amounts of carrots.) Pull on yer boots and step up to the table as we introduce you to the beginnings of your next unbeatable story, courtesy of these Good Life games.


This is a staple at parties and a great way to get everyone feeling good. A card game, Kings is also known by several other names like Ring of Fire or King’s Cup. You’ll need at least two people for this game, but it’s more fun with small groups of up to eight. It’s typically played with beer or mixed drinks, but can also be played with wine (or nonalcoholic beverages if you’ve got kiddos around). The entire card deck is spread in a circle around the base of one large cup. Each player takes turns drawing cards and follow the rules associated with each until there are no cards left in the deck. For the first three kings that are drawn out of the deck, the player pours some of his or her drink into the center “king’s cup.” The unlucky person that draws the fourth king has to drink the contents of the king’s cup.

Go Camping

One person chooses a place to “go” for the game. It could be camping, the lake, school, wherever your imagination takes you. Each player then takes turns by naming something they’re going to bring with them on their trip. The person who chose the location tells the group whether the object they’ve chosen to bring will be needed on the trip or not. For example, if you’re going camping you’ll need a tent, but you won’t need a pair of stiletto heels. If the person guessed an object that you won’t need on your trip, they take a drink. Play proceeds until the group has correctly guessed where you’re going.

, RV Thirsty? Drinking Games for Campers


This one’s going to require a table, and you’ll need four shot glasses, beer, a quarter and two teams of people. Set up the four shot glasses in a row away from “home base,” the position you’ll be shooting the quarter from. Each team member takes turns shooting the quarter at the shot glasses. If you make it in the first glass it’s a single, second is a double and so forth. If you make a shot into the first glass, you drink the three behind it. If you make a homerun, you don’t have to drink. But beware: three misses and you’re outta here (and you have to take four shots)! At three outs the teams change sides and the opposing team is up to “bat.” The game is played using traditional baseball scoring, and the team with the most runs at the end wins. For each run made the other team drinks a shot.

Top Card

Everyone is dealt eight cards and the remaining cards are placed in a pile in the center. The top card of the deck is flipped over and the first player must match the value of the card. This can be done by laying down one card from your hand of the same value or by adding cards until they reach the value. When laying down multiple cards, the player decides which order they’d like to play them in, determining the value of the next top card. If they can’t match the top card they must drink and draw two more cards from the deck. The second player must match the value of the top card laid by the first player in the same manner. If they use fewer cards than the player before them they choose someone in the group to drink and that person also has to draw two additional cards. The object of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. All cards are worth their face value, aces are one, jacks are 11, queens are 12 and kings are wild cards.

So the next time your drinkin’ buddies are over, tell ‘em to bring their A-game and show them who’s boss by schooling them at a round or two of old-fashioned baseball. Better yet, show them who’s king when you subject them to the longest waterfall in history. Just remember, no matter who wins, it’s always gonna be a good time when they’re partying it up with you enjoying the Good Life!

, RV Thirsty? Drinking Games for Campers