RV Tie-Down Tips: Kayaks & Canoes

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, RV Tie-Down Tips: Kayaks & Canoes

You’re ready to embark on a great camping adventure! You and your family are loading up the fifth wheel, and you can’t wait to hit the road. You’re planning on visiting some great boating spots. The only problem is, you’re not quite sure of the best way to tie that sucker down. Your kayak was expensive, you certainly don’t want to see it fly away in your rear view mirror as you’re cruising down the road in your rig. And you definitely need it to be secured safely so that you have peace of mind if the road you take gets a little bumpy.  So it’s time to strap that boat down nice and tight. Here are our best tips for tying down your kayaks and canoes.


You can’t wait to get that boat floating in the water. Whether you’ve got a kayak or canoe, it’s a lot easier to transport in the water than on the road. Tying down your boat is something you should take very seriously. A boat that is tied down incorrectly is a safety issue for not only you but other drivers you share the road with. Before you choose to buy a rack or tie your boat down, we recommend looking at your RV owner’s manual for suggestions on tying down canoes or kayaks. Note that some large travel trailers have enough storage space in the cargo compartments to store a kayak. Some models even have space specifically designed for carrying small boats!

, RV Tie-Down Tips: Kayaks & Canoes


If your RV does not have space to store the small boat, there are several alternative options that will get your boat in the water in no time! One option is to buy a vertical kayak rack. This company builds custom racks to fit your RV. Conveniently, they also hold bikes too!

If you are looking for a more generic fix, you can buy a rack and install it yourself. If you choose a rack that is installed on a roof, make sure it is strong enough to carry the heavy weight of most canoes. Installing a rack is a great idea in general because it can also carry sporting equipment or other luggage that you need if you’re not traveling with your boat.

Regardless of the type of rack you choose to buy, pay attention to the installation directions that come with it. Some transportation racks hold the boats in different ways. You can find some varieties that carry the boats on their side while others carry them upside down. It is important to know the proper technique of tying your boat down so that it is as secure as possible.

Now that you can safely transport your kayaks and canoes, what are you waiting for? It’s time to show off your tie down skills and get your paddle in the water!  Taking a boat on the road can be a great experience with just a little pre-planning and extra care.  RVs are up to the job and offer great options for how to transport canoes and kayaks. When you get to your destination to row, row, row your boat with the right carrying gear the right way, you’ll go merrily down the stream as well as down the road.

, RV Tie-Down Tips: Kayaks & Canoes