RV Vacation: Moberly, Missouri

, RV Vacation: Moberly, Missouri

Iowa’s neighbor to the south, Missouri, is a place not to be missed. Dense with history, natural beauty and plenty of fun activities for the family, it’s a great state to get lost and find yourself in an RV.

One great small town full of natural splendor is Moberly, Mo. Located in north-central Missouri, it’s an easy drive from Iowa and a perfect place for families to spend a long weekend, no matter what season. Founded in 1866, Moberly’s explosive growth in 1873 earned it the title “The Magic City,” a title it holds today.


The Thompson Campground was named in honor of Lionel Thompson, former Mayor of Moberly. He was an avid camper, and enjoyed the natural beauty and quiet surroundings of Rothwell Park, which the campground is encapsulated by.

The campground features 24 full service RV spaces, each with concrete pad, electricity, water and sewer connections. The campground is surrounded by scenic forests, but offers easy access to lakes perfect for boating and fishing, a 2-mile walking trail, an 18-Hole Disc Golf Course, Moberly’s Aquatic Center picnic shelters and much more.


As a town full of railroad history, no visit to Moberly would be complete without a visit to the Moberly Mini Train.

This miniature train line offers a one-mile trip around Rothwell Park on a miniature train best suited for children, but can easily fit most adults. It moves at a leisurely pace through the park, and riders enjoy the natural beauty of the park while aboard. The train operates every Sunday from April thru October.


If you’ve got the need for speed, the HLR Motorsports Track in nearby Huntsville is a great place for families to visit. Featuring motocross and ATV races nearly every weekend during spring, summer and fall, this park has been chugging along since 1994 and has no signs of stopping yet.

Check out the weekend “night series” races for family-friendly motorsports action under the lights!

, RV Vacation: Moberly, Missouri


If natural beauty and serenity is a little more interesting to you than the hustle and roar of a motocross track, Lion’s Beuth Park is the place for you.

Missouri is well-known for its limestone bluffs, which are tall, wooded, rocky peaks often found above rivers. Lion’s Beuth has a handful of these great bluffs, as well as perfect fishing spots, hiking trails and a rail car converted into a footbridge. Small open shelters and barbecue grills are available.

There’s a reason why Moberly locals get wedding and graduation pictures taken here. Make sure you check out this hidden gem of the area.

Photo courtesy Moberly Mini Train

, RV Vacation: Moberly, Missouri