RV’ing In The Rain. Don’t Let It Wet You Down.

, RV’ing In The Rain. Don’t Let It Wet You Down.

If you get to the campground with friends and family and see dark clouds rolling over your camper, it can be a bit of a bummer. After all, an RVing weekend is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors, and having a storm park over your rig is the last thing you want! But, RVing in the rain can be fun, kind of like dancing in the rain. Ok, not quite, but with a little preparation you can still get the most out of a rained out camping outing. Here’s what you should consider packing up to stay dry:

Tarps and towels

Ahh yes, two T’s of staying dry: tarps and towels. You will thank your past self when you pack some of these dry necessities. Tarps are great for keeping all of your outdoor equipment dry, from chairs to tents and even firewood. And, if you’ve got campers who want to stay in a tent next to your RV (foolish move), placing a tarp underneath and on top of the tent will keep you much drier. Along with tarps, we suggest you bring along a few extra towels. A bit of rain can make the gravel at many campgrounds turn muddy quickly, and if you make a few trips in and out of the RV you will get your entry way dirty. So keep a few towels that you don’t care about too much to use to wipe away mud.

Extra Pop-Up

If you’ve got a lot of campers on your trip, it could get pretty cozy in the camper if not everyone is in their sleeping spot.Ifyou want a little extra space, we recommend packing an extra pop-up tent so that you can still have some covered dry space outside the RV. Extra pop-ups are especially helpful if you are looking to cook food. That way, you can place your grill under the tent and not get soaked when you have to rotate the steaks! With an extra tent, you should always have it securely anchored into the ground. If a storm is particularly windy, it might be best to stay inside instead of setting up your pop-up. You wouldn’t want it to blow away or tip over with a big gust of wind!


Many RVers are fans of these rugs in all kinds of weather, but they’re especially helpful in the rain. Camping rugs, or ground mats, are basically thicker versions of tarps that can be placed over gravel or grass to make an easy path for walking. They also keep the dirt from tracking inside your RV as much, and provide a comfortable surface to walk on if you have to run outside barefoot quickly! These mats are usually heavy enough not to be lifted by the wind, but it’s never a bad idea to weigh them down anyway.

, RV’ing In The Rain. Don’t Let It Wet You Down.


Unrolling your RV’s awning and using it to stay dry will be very tempting during a rainstorm. We caution you to use it for light rain with minimal winds. If your awning is out during a torrential downpour with gale force winds, you run the risk of tearing your awning fabric, or worse, damaging the mechanisms to extend and retract your awning. If you use your awning for a while and it gets wet, just make sure you give it enough time to dry out before you roll it up again. That way, it will stay clean and dry for the next time you need to use it!


Our last, but certainly not least rain tip is all about entertainment. Some RVs come equipped with entertainment centers where the kids can just play some video games or watch a movie. But, if you have a bigger group and would like to spend some quality time together, it’s always a great idea to have some board games ready to roll in case those dark clouds roll in.

A little bit of rain doesn’t have to ruin your camping experience. Another pro tip? Don’t let all of the covered space underneath your RV go to waste. If you don’t have enough tarp to keep your items dry, you can utilize the space under your RV to shelter them. Our last tip? Make sure you always keep an eye on the weather, especially if you’re traveling in a different region that you’re unfamiliar with. For example, little severe storms can pop up over mountains quickly! We suggest you keep a weather radio handy in your RV, so that you can know if anything severe heads your way. Even a little bit of rain on your parade doesn’t have to ruin your camping weekend if you’re prepared!

, RV’ing In The Rain. Don’t Let It Wet You Down.