RVs And ZZZs -Easy Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your RV

, RVs And ZZZs -Easy Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your RV

There really isn’t much that can beat the opportunity and adventure of RV travelling — you know, seeing the outdoors, meeting new people — the possibilities and experiences are endless! But when the excitement turns down, the sun starts to set and it’s time for bed, are you prepared for it? With these simple tips you can sleep like better than a baby.

Pay Attention to Your Neighbors

When you get to a camp, check out who your neighbors are. Stay away from pop-ups and tents since they don’t have walls and are a little noisier without the insulation. Park as far away as you can from any public places like picnic and playground areas to cut down on noise. One last thing about parking at RV campgrounds: if you get the chance to choose your spot, choose one toward the back of the campground so you won’t have to deal with headlights coming down the road shining their lights through your windows.

Getting the Right Bones

Buy an RV that suits your lifestyle and carefully consider its layout. Do you like the bedroom toward the front of the rig? Toward the back? The foundation of good sleep is a good mattress (literally). Especially if you’re planning to live full or part-time, spend a little extra for a mattress that’s similar to the feel of your brick-and-stick mattress at home. You’ll be more comfortable and relaxed, helping you wind down after a long day.

Another foundational piece is your RV as a whole. Be choosy when you’re purchasing your RV and remember to extend your rig’s stabilizing legs. This helps so your rig won’t rock back and forth when someone decides they need to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water in the middle of the night. One final point on this: double paned windows are the best for insulation and blocking out sound. Investing in them can not only get you better sleep, but it can also save you money on heating and cooling!

Extra Sheets

No one likes to sleep in nasty sheets. After a long day of activities, treat yourself to clean-smelling ones, and really snuggle down to enjoy your zzz’s. Find bedding that’s breathable and comfortable. There are some places out there that sell temperature-regulating bedding, like Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, department stores and others. They help regulate temperature to cut down on your heating and cooling expenses by keeping your body temperature more constant throughout the night. They’re a little more expensive than regular sheets, but totally worth it so you’re not running heat and air as much as you would without them.

Suspension Air Brakes

Not all rigs are equipped like this, but if yours is this is a great tip that you can use to boost your sleep quality. The air brakes add a layer of cushion between your wheels and axles and the body of your RV. Going over bumps compresses the air to smooth out the ride in the cab, absorbing the shock, instead of letting the huge speed bump you just rammed affect the passengers. Each system varies a little in its deflation process, so you’ll have to check your owner’s manual for instructions. When you’ve parked and you’re ready to set up camp, release the air out of your suspension air brakes to keep the RV more steady and less likely to move around under you when people shift around. Just don’t forget to air them back up when you pack up your site!

, RVs And ZZZs -Easy Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your RV

Sometimes it can be hard to find sleep when you’re on the road. You never know who your neighbors are or what they will be like until you get there. It’s all part of the adventure! With these tips you can sleep like a dream in your RV. Even when the world outside might seem like a really bad dream. Finding the right neighbors and keeping a few extra items on hand just in case can go a long way in making you and your guests comfortable, not to mention, it’s a great way to share your Good Life with them.

, RVs And ZZZs -Easy Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your RV