Stretch Your Legs: RV Fitness & Fun

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, Stretch Your Legs: RV Fitness & Fun

As much as you love hitting the open road, sometimes the long hours driving in the car can end up making you feel kind of sluggish. It’s kind of the feeling you get after a long day of flying…RV lag. But, there are simple actions you can take that will keep you feeling limber while you’re on the road. Here are our tips to keep your legs stretched and your body feeling good while you’re on the road or at a rest stop:


Stopping frequently to stretch your legs is always a great idea. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes you get caught in the car for long stretches of time. Whether you’re on a time table and you want to check into your campsite by a certain time, or you’re simply on a stretch of road that doesn’t offer many rest stops, there are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself cooped up in the car for a long periods of time.

While you’re in the car there are plenty of stretches that you should do to keep feeling good on those long rides. One of them, you sit up completely straight and stretch your neck. While you’re sitting straight, you can begin to slowly roll your shoulders, or gently roll your neck from shoulder to shoulder. Another great stretch that helps your spine is the elbow touch. Simply try touching your elbows together at your spine, this stretches out your back muscles.

And don’t forget about your feet! Keep your ankles feeling good by rolling them counterclockwise, and then rotate to clockwise. You can also keep your heel on the floor and lift your toes without having your heel leave the ground. Both of these moves will keep up good circulation while staying seated in the car.

If you’re considering anymore “exercises” to your car routine, focus on isometrics. These are the type of simple ways to strengthen your muscles either by using your body itself, or the chair you’re sitting in.

, Stretch Your Legs: RV Fitness & Fun


If you can stop at a rest stop or park while you’re on the road, we highly recommend it. Pulling over to get some fresh air never hurts, and it will keep your legs from hurting too! Make sure you stop and at least take a walk around the surroundings, even if it’s just taking a lap in a parking lot! At parks, there are plenty of structures that can turn into makeshift exercise facilities. You can do pull ups on monkey bars, or even play a game of hopscotch to get your heart beating! Not to mention, any rest stop can turn into your own park if you store some simple games in your RV. We recommend keeping some equipment like a frisbee, football or baseball gloves and a ball handy. That way, even some plain old green space can become your playing field break from the car to play catch!

Keeping stretched out and feeling good is what it’s all about. After all, you can live the Good Life a lot easier if your body is feeling good! So next time you load up the rig and head out on a long road trip, remember these tips, and throw in a couple fun outdoor games you could play at a rest stop. The open road awaits!

, Stretch Your Legs: RV Fitness & Fun