Tailgating Tips For RV Owners

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, Tailgating Tips For RV Owners

It’s gameday, baby.  You’re smack dab in the middle of the tailgate action in your favorite team’s parking lot. The smell of brats and burgers on the grill wafts through the air.  Frisbees, footballs and bean bags whizz by from every direction. And as the pre-game cheers echo from the stadium, your fellow partiers throw on their remaining bits of game gear and make one last toast.

You take your last sip of that cold drink, small beads of condensation dripping down the bottle.  It’s almost time for kick-off and life couldn’t be better, right?  But as you and your buds make your way to the stadium, you can’t help but notice the large group of RVs parked in one of the lots.  Pangs of envy shiver down your spine as you scout out the fully decorated travel trailers and 5th wheels all teeming with team spirit.  Why? Because your RV is parked at home OR maybe you don’t have an RV at all!

It’s from that moment on that you decide there will be no more piling of friends into SUV’s with hardly any wiggle room. There’ll be no more standing in line and waiting for public restrooms. No more visits to the dreaded porta potty. This is your pre-game party, and there is no room left for jealousy! From now on, you will be the captain of the parking lot.

Here are some easy ways to get your RV ready for primetime.


Before you pull your RV into sports heaven, you’ll want to make sure your team pride is displayed loud and proud.  Easy ways to show off your spirit include a grill adorned in your team colors, flying your team’s flags or breaking out your team-branded aprons, folding chairs and tables.  If you don’t own any of those, you won’t have to break the bank.  Most of these are available online or in-stores for a reasonable price.

With a little more work, your favorite players could be part of your party, too!  Just head to the local sports store or a number of online retailers and buy yourself a life-size decal of your favorite athlete but DON’T even think about sticking it directly on your vehicle.  Grab some poster board or some lightweight wood and place the sticker on those.  Once you fashion some sort of stand (out of the same material you applied the decal to) your tailgate will be ready for your amateur buds AND your new all-pro friends.  A quick note: you’ll be amazed by all the new friends you’ll make.  After all, everyone likes their picture taken with a celebrity!

, Tailgating Tips For RV Owners


It’s game day. So, naturally, you need games, right?  There are many games fit for the whole family that you can buy from the store, or, better yet, make from home.  One of our favorites only costs around $50 when you make your own bean bag toss game painted in your team’s colors.  You can also build your very own football toss game or, with a little twist, your own ladder ball set  These games are not only easy on the wallet, they are very easy to assemble and break down while you’re at the big game.

If your tailgating crowd is more of an adult one that tends to enjoy a drink or two, we’ve got you covered.  If you haven’t given beersbee a shot, all you’ll need are some poles, a frisbee and some beer! We also recommend setting the game up on grass or tarps for easier clean up.  Or, for just a couple bucks more, why not try adding a super slick ice luge to the festivities? Just add your favorite drink at the top of the slope for the fun to begin! But please be sure to make sure someone’s at the bottom.  Even tailgaters don’t take spilling lightly.


For some tailgaters, it’s all about the ambience.  This group of tailgating RV owners don’t really care about the actual tickets to the game. Simply being with their fellow fans amidst the game time atmosphere is what counts. Since parking is the only actual on site expense for them, more money can be spent on the food and the drink and your RV.

Let’s face it.  You’re a huge fan so you’ll still want easy access your team’s play by play as it happens.  Purchasing some electric add-ons to your mobile man cave is cheaper than you think. From $100 up,  some tailgaters prefer a sound system with an intercom or some sort of external speaker hook-up to broadcast the action.  If audio only isn’t your style, though, you might want to take a look at buying a projector/screen setup. Once you connect the equipment to your RV’s entertainment system or satellite, you’ll be ready and set for the first hike.

, Tailgating Tips For RV Owners