The Envy of the Campground: DIY RV Decor

Tips and Tricks

You just bought a brand new RV. You’re excited to take it out on the road for the first time this weekend. The only problem is, there are dozens of haulers that are identical to yours. How can you give the new rig some personality and make it unique to you and your family?

We love these simple DIY indoor and outdoor tricks to give your RV some style and make it the envy of the campground!


Stencil Your Screen Door: 

Personalize your RV by painting a stencil onto the screen door. Any of your favorite quotes, your last name, or a simple “welcome” message will add a personalized touch to the entryway of your RV. Once you pick your stencil, tape it to the screen. Use white acrylic paint and lightly coat your stenciled area with a paintbrush.

Check out the full tutorial here.

Tin Can Lanterns:

Making lanterns out of  tin cans is a great way to create some mood lighting while you are camping. You’ll need a hammer, nails and heatproof spray paint colors of your choice. First, hammer the nails into the can in any design you would like. Then, paint the cans and place a candle or solar light inside for that perfect nighttime glow.

Check out step-by-step instructions here.

Café Lights: 

One way to really cozy-up your outdoor space is to hang café lights under your awning. Using big circular light bulbs will make your patio area feel bright and inviting, a perfect element when entertaining. These lights can provide the perfect mood lighting and add an element of safety at night.

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Mason Jar Citronella Candles: 

Don’t throw away those old mason jars your aunt Dawn used to make jam in! These candles provide mood lighting with a purpose. Keep the bugs away while lighting up your campsite by making these mason jar citronella candles. All you need is a mason jar, citronella torch fuel, and 1/8” lamp wicks.

Get the full tutorial here.

Folding Chairs: 

Don’t forget to bring your favorite folding chairs, perfect for outdoor lounging. If you don’t have any chairs for your patio, consider buying some that have bright colors or patterns. To make your lounging area a little more comfortable, consider bringing an indoor/outdoor accent rug.

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The Ottoman-Cooler Combo:

Take any old large metal bucket and transform it into an ottoman-cooler combo.  Fill the bucket with ice to cool your beverages, and top it off with a pillow topper to rest your feet on. To give it extra personality, painting the inside with a can of spray paint will do the trick!

Check out the how-to here.


Becoming a true RV DIY decoration master means applying just the right touch inside your RV too! Small accents like rugs, curtains and pictures can transform your RV. We recommend using products like 3M Command Strips or Quakehold to secure your decorations while you’re in motion.

Fun and Games:

Transform your RV kitchen table into a game center by printing a checkerboard (or game of your choice) on a piece of paper.  Place the paper onto your table and secure a clear sheet of Plexiglas on top of it to keep the game board in place! Keep your board game pieces in these easy-to-install drawers under the table!

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Rugs, Pillows & Plants:

Colorful pillows and accent rugs add personality and character to your RV. Grab a rug that can go indoors or outdoors, so that you can move it outside to create a more welcoming space. Bring nature inside by keeping a houseplant. Adding a touch of green can tie a room together and make it feel more finished.

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Hang it Up!

Nothing gives your RV a personal touch more than hanging your favorite photographs. To keep things interesting, try printing your photos on canvas. If you’re feeling extra artsy, try painting your own canvas! Hanging curtains with command hooks and Velcro that match your accent color will also add a homey touch.

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Peel-N-Stick Tile Backsplashes:

These no-fuss backsplashes are an effortless way to add an accent to your RV’s kitchen or bathroom area. These tiles come in a variety of colors and textures to create that little something extra to your space. With simple, light-weight stick-on backs, you can add a modern element to any area in just a few minutes.

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