Living The Single Life in Your RV

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, Living The Single Life in Your RV

You’ve been in the market for a new or used RV for quite some time now.  Something about being on the road and living life to the fullest outside of your condo’s four walls appeals to your inner adventurer.  But, you’ve been on the fence.  After all, you’ve seen all the websites dedicated to hitting the road with an RV packed with kids, spouses, and pets.  You’ve read all the blogs about things to do and places to see with your family while RVing and it all sounds so great.  But, the family thing?

You’re not quite there yet. You’ve got no wife, no kids (unless you count Duke, your Husky) and, to be honest, there’s something about living alone that just feels right for you at this time in your life.  So, what to do?  That RV bug isn’t going to go away anytime soon and The Good Life is calling you.  It’s time to make a decision.  Would buying and driving an RV be a good thing for someone single like you?


When it comes down to it, living The Good Life with your very own RV on your very own is, well, your very own biggest pro.  Just think about it.  Your schedule is designed by you and you only.  Your road trips become your personal window to the world where you choose the destinations and activities all on the schedule that works best… for you.  RVing solo, just like in groups, is about sharing culture and discovering new places while meeting new people and experiencing outdoor life.

Think of the possibilities when your agenda is ultimately designed for your happiness and peace of mind.  Even more possibilities lay in store for you, especially if your toad happens to be a hot motorcycle or some sort of 4-wheel driving, off-road beast. Think of yourself as a great travel nomad- with nothing tying you down, spontaneity and adventure are always welcome.

If talking to yourself for days on end is your biggest worry, tell yourself to quit worrying!  Since there are plenty of single people just like you on the road, there are a number of RV-loving singles clubs around.  Before you doubt, check them out.  They’ve been around for quite a while and continue to grow.  Some of these sites offer chat rooms, message boards and dating services.  If you’re not interested in finding that like minded RV’er to start a family with, though, no worries.  There are other sites that focus more on arranging group activities and trips where you can hang with fellow single RVers.

, Living The Single Life in Your RV


With everything in life, there are pros and there are cons.  Since you’ll be hitting the road by yourself, all the work that needs to be done, you’ll have to take care of – you guessed it – all by yourself. Here are just a couple of things to keep in mind.

Safety and Security

Besides financing an RV on one income, the most common concerns we hear from single RVers are about personal safety and vehicle security.  Although, the vast majority of campsites are considered safe, being all alone can add a bit of an edge.  Don’t be alarmed, though.  Just like houses, RV windows, doors and add-ons can be secured by powerful locks.  Remember to get new keys if you lose a set or are hitting the road in a used RV for the first time.  To keep things even more safe, you might want to consider purchasing a travel safe to store documents or any items of extra worth.  Keeping expensive items out of plain view is a great rule to follow, too.  (P.S. Get an extra set of keys and store them somewhere accessible that only you know of.)

Care and Maintenance

From the fluids that run your vehicle to the tanks that dispose of unwanted fluids, there are many things that you’ll need to prepare for to handle on your own.  Since, it would be hard to list all of the chores and their accompanying tips and tricks in this post, we’ll give you one tool that you should live by, and that’s the calendar. By setting up a calendar of to-do items, whether they be preventative maintenance or daily/weekly chores, you’ll be sure to efficiently handle all the cleanings, washings, pressure checkings and fluid changes regularly while minimizing the risk of bigger problems. No one ever plans for an emergency, but things can be done to prevent them.  By keeping a watchful eye on your calendar of chores, you’ll be helping yourself in the long run so you can spend more time living up that Good Life… all by yourself.

, Living The Single Life in Your RV