Then and Now: RV Evolution

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, Then and Now: RV Evolution

When you think back to unhurried adventures when you were young, the things that often stand out are the simplest: building a campfire, riding out a rainstorm with your kid brother, or getting that first bite of hot food after a swim.  Those outdoor adventures with family and friends are moments you’ll never forget.

For decades, families have hit the open road in hopes of gaining camping memories to cherish for a lifetime.  In today’s always-connected world, really “getting away” may be more important than ever but it doesn’t mean a return to the musty canvas and soggy sleeping bags of yesteryear.

Old school camping has improved immensely over time to provide more comfort when you head out into the great outdoors. When you see products like shatter-proof wine glasses and water filters that deliver four liters of clean water in 2.5 minutes, the improvements are unmistakable. Memories aren’t just made from discomfort!

While camping has evolved, there are steadfast staples in the classic American camping experience that are here to stay. RVing is one of them. But, the days of Cousin Eddie’s boxy-brown rig chugging down the road are over. The RV industry has made incredible improvements that enhance your travel experience.


This is not your grandfather’s RV. Over time, RV’s have traded in their square exteriors for sleeker, aerodynamic designs. Forget the orange and brown color tones of that old Winnebago. Today’s RVs feature modern color palettes and eco-friendly structural design to improve gas mileage while towing.


The exterior is not the only noticeable change RVs have had over time. Major enhancements have been made in almost every aspect of RV manufacturing. From the sealants used, to the safety and driving precautions, RVs today are more eco-friendly and safer than ever. The foundations of RVs are made of more durable materials that are more rust-resistant. These advances in technology result in longer lifespans overall. The innovation doesn’t stop there. It is typical to see RVs with more high-tech features like:

  • Back up cameras
  • Satellite TV
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • GPS
  • Security systems
  • Electric awnings
  • Emergency start assistant switches
  • Automatic leveling systems
, Then and Now: RV Evolution


If you’re concerned about getting completely off the grid, fear no more. Many campsites today offer Wi-Fi while you are docked. If you’re without internet for hours on your long drive, make sure you download an offline map to provide directions to your campsite. If not having Wi-Fi is a complete deal breaker for you, this app will provide you with a map of Wi-Fi-friendly campgrounds. Campgrounds today are able to offer more convenient features and technology comforts that will keep you connected while you’re on your camping adventure.

Today’s RVs offer a lot more value for owners than they did a few decades ago. Between all of the safety and technology advances, there has never been a better time to pack up the RV and wander the backroads.  Whether you dream of disconnecting in the wilderness or you prefer a few of the creature comforts of home, the appeal of the camping trip never fades. The memories you make are free of charge and will last a lifetime.

, Then and Now: RV Evolution