Meet The New RV’ers: Tips From RV’ers

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, Meet The New RV’ers: Tips From RV’ers

When you own an RV it’s like you’re being adopted into a new family. Only you get to choose which family you like and want to travel with. Each place you call home brings new aunts, uncles and cousins that help you build lasting memories. The best part? If you don’t like the new weirdo next door that keeps calling you “Son” in the campsite, you can pick up and move on to the next big adventure. RVing just brings a certain amount of brotherhood with it that can’t be found anywhere else. Enter Dave and Anette, new members of the Good Life RVing family. It was in March of this year, after meeting the Good Life team, that Dave and Anette decided to make a huge purchase. They decided it was time to start living the Good Life – this time, with a Silverback RV.

Must Haves:

Dave and his wife needed a slide out to give them a little more room, and this one came with several. The slide out makes a much larger living area for dining and a perfect space for entertaining their new family members. Not to mention more room to stretch out on their new mattress. They also wanted something with a few more bells and whistles. Not only was this RV more modern looking, it also came with an outdoor kitchen and energy-saving options to keep more money in their pockets.

A Great “Fit”:

They loved the Good Life Personal RV Outfitter that helped them find the perfect fit for their needs and especially enjoyed that he wasn’t pushy about the sale. He showed the couple different models and walked them through the features of each to find a great fit. Dave felt like the salesman was genuinely interested in their satisfaction with their purchase, not getting commission from their sale. He took the time to explain the features of their new rig and worked with the couple to find everything they were looking for.

Fave Features:

Two of Dave and Anette’s favorite features are their memory foam mattress, which gives them a much better night’s sleep than what their old mattress provided. There’s something to be said for having the comforts of home while you’re on the road. Another favorite feature? Their Silverback has fiberglass siding, which is much lighter than aluminum. Dave gets much better gas mileage without having to haul all that extra weight down the highway, which saves him more money at the pump to do the things he and his wife enjoy.

, Meet The New RV’ers: Tips From RV’ers

The best part about their new RV? Dave and Anette have the opportunity to explore the areas they choose. They can pick a spot, lay down some temporary roots and stay as long as they please, meeting new people along the way. When you are an RVer, whether part-time or full-time there’s a kinship among fellow campers. You understand experiences and trade war stories over the campfire of the sights of the day. These bonds are what make the Good Life.

For some more real advice from RV’ers, click the graphic below and get ready to hit the road!

, Meet The New RV’ers: Tips From RV’ers