Tools to Keep in Your RV or Camper

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, Tools to Keep in Your RV or Camper
Don’t let a mechanical mishap spoil your retreat.
Be sure to keep these items on hand to ensure the safety and tranquility of the next trip you take in your RV or camper.


Of course, you can’t be prepared for everything but even having just the essentials will allow you to repair many minor malfunctions in your motorhome. There are many variations of a basic tool kit, but a good one should have a socket set, combination wrench set, crescent wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers.


Nothing brings your vacation to a screeching halt quicker than a blown tire. Fortunately, you can purchase tire repair kits specifically for your RV or camper. These may include a tire inflater, tire patch or plug tools, a tire gauge and even a pump.


Glue is not a long-term repair solution, but it can help things from going from bad to worse when you’re miles from the nearest mechanic.  Super glue can be used in repairs that require a high-strength adhesive. Some other adhesives you may want to consider: threadlocker glue to prevent loosening of bolts and screws, silicon sealant for leaks and multi-purpose adhesive for door seals, trim and molding.


Keep a various supply of fuses in your motorhome to replace blown fuses as they happen. To clarify, a blown fuse typically happens when there is too much amperage on a single circuit. It is important that you replace a blown fuse only with the same size, never larger. Also keep in mind that this may also be only a short-term solution. If the same fuse or fuses are blowing repeatedly, it could be an indication of a larger-scale electrical problem and you should have your RV or motorhome serviced as soon as possible.
, Tools to Keep in Your RV or Camper