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, Top Selling RV Features

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time with your family. Unless, of course, you’re spending time with your family away from it all in nature. So you’ve been thinking about getting an RV. Hemming and hawing over the last few months. And you’ve finally decided. You’re sold! You’re going to be RV owners!

Now begins the excitement ─ looking for that perfect rig to meet every demand your hot new adventures might bring your way. Not sure where to start? Check out these even hotter features that are some of the best selling in today’s RV world.

Outdoor kitchen

This has become the number one demand for RV shoppers. A rig with an outdoor kitchen is pretty self explanatory. Or is it? More than just a place to cook your grub, these glorious extensions of your indoor kitchen feature a sink with running water. Perfect for cleaning that great catch and keeping things neat around the campfire. Not to mention the added perk of cleaning up the kids after a hard day exploring. Bonus? Some of these even have outdoor TVs and entertainment centers. Brings a whole new level to ghost stories around the campfire.

Auto-leveling system

If you’ve ever owned an RV you know how much of a pain it can be to have to level it out on your camp site. You find a good lookin’ place and drop the jacks. But if you don’t make sure the rig is level you could be in for some short camping days and big trouble. The old system meant that you had to manually set each jack until the whole unit was level. Check this new leveling system from the future. You find your spot, push a button and your RV does the heavy lifting for you (literally). Watch as that bubble you used to battle with magically reaches center and start your camping experience. How sweet is that?

Back up camera

Like the ones on your car, but for your RV. Most Iowans can get by without a back up cam on their main vehicles. There isn’t much traffic and it’s generally easy to see what’s going on around you when you’re backing. But reversing with a honkin’ RV is another ball game entirely. You know the ones we mean. You see the new guy pull into the campground and you tell your wife to go put on the popcorn for the show. With a back up cam, you never need a spotter to help you position yourself in your nest. One person does the job. Back ‘er up like a pro the first time, every time.

Quad bunks

Especially if you’re travelling with a lot of guests or littles, quad bunks or separate bunk rooms are a must. You love those kids, but you also know that things can get a little tight while you’re out and about. Not only will you have some privacy, but you’ll also save space with several beds stacked up in one room. Efficient and effective. That’s what we’re talkin’ about.

, Top Selling RV Features

Every RV owner’s interests and needs are different. These are just the highlights of an endless list of features. So while you’re looking for that perfect rig, make a list of features you’d like to see for your lifestyle. Knowing exactly the type of things you’re looking to do in your RV go a long way when you’re at the dealer looking for your new sweet ride to begin your Good Life.

, Top Selling RV Features