Triple Towing-What to Know

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It’s common to see a toy being towed by an RV while you’re out traveling the open road. Really, unless you’ve got a toy hauler, how else are you going to get that jet ski to the lake on your next RV trip? Those who push the laws of physics and dare to bring not only a vehicle and RV, but maybe also a toy along too, are known as “triple towers” or “double trailer towers.” But hold up a second! Before you get started hitching up that trailer to your fifth wheel, take a look at some of the things you’ll need to know while hauling that beast of a load.

What Is It?

Triple towing is when you are towing a trailer (like a fifth wheel) behind a towing vehicle and then attach another trailer to the fifth wheel for a third vehicle. An example could be a snowmobile or equipment trailer. Triple towing is legal in about half of the United States (in general, all except the east coast and northwest). It’s acceptable in parts of Canada and Mexico as well but can require additional licenses or permits. Knowing which states and territories allow triple towing can save you headaches and lets you plan your route around states that might not allow this type of towing.