Wax On, Wax Off: The Importance of Waxing Your RV

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, Wax On, Wax Off: The Importance of Waxing Your RV

When it comes to the maintenance of your RV, you have always stayed on top of its upkeep. You’ve winterized, you’ve changed filters, you’ve kept your wastewater system in great condition. There are a lot of details, but you’ve got all of your bases covered. But, over time, you notice your RV seems to be losing its sheen. That new RV glow has diminished. It’s starting to look dull and older than it is.

That’s because you have been forgetting to do one key maintenance chore all along: waxing!

Waxing your RV is important. Think of it like you would your car. In order to protect your investment, you want to take care of it and keep it looking its best, and regular waxing is the best way to do that. With our tips and proper care, your RV will be looking clean and shiny for years to come.

Before you wax, the outside of your RV must be cleaned thoroughly, and you must have the right tools to get the job done. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Soft bristled brush

    • Using soft bristles ensures that you won’t be damaging your rig by using brushes that are too abrasive. To make reaching those high spots on your RV easier, buy a brush that is on an extendable handle.

  • Rubber roof cleaner

    • If your roof has rubber on it, make sure you use rubber roof cleaner to protect it from the sun and keep it looking like new.

  • Gentle soap

    • Use soap that isn’t hard on your RV’s paint.

  • Slide out dry lubricant

    • Keep your slide outs operating well and looking great by spraying this dry lubricant on them.

  • Collapsible wash bucket

    • When you need to wash your RV while you’re on the road, consider keeping a collapsible bucket handy for easy storage.

, Wax On, Wax Off: The Importance of Waxing Your RV

Now, it’s time to get waxing!

Waxing your RV is no easy task. With so much more surface area than your average sedan, it will take some time to complete your waxing job. If you don’t have a ton of time to get the whole RV waxed in one day, try taking it one side at a time. After you’ve thoroughly washed your RV (we recommend washing by hand, or a low setting on a power washer to avoid damage), it’s time to start the waxing process. Before you wax the entire RV, try testing the product you are going to use on a small area to see how it turns out. Use extra caution when you are waxing around decals.

If your RV is painted, you can use regular car wax. But, if your RV has areas with fiberglass or gel coating, use the RV wax we mentioned above. It is especially important to keep these areas cleaned and waxed. Without proper maintenance, oxidation can occur which leaves fiberglass looking dull, hazy and even chalky over time.

Don’t forget about taking care of your RV’s roof! The roof needs cleaning attention too. If it has rubber on it, use a rubber roof cleaner. Keeping all of those roof accessories clean and maintained is important. While you’re on the roof, be careful! We recommend using shoes with soles that have good grip, and avoid being near the edges of the roof.

While you are waxing your RV, use the time to inspect all other elements of your rig. Since you’re already getting an up close look, inspect all of the sealants around your roof vents, air conditioner and roof seams. Over time, these seams can start to crack or deteriorate. It is key to maintain your seams and make sure that they are tight.

Now that you know how to keep your RV looking like new, it’s time to get out there and get waxing! Don’t forget to give it some extra elbow grease.

, Wax On, Wax Off: The Importance of Waxing Your RV