Weird and unique RVs

Jun 20 2017

As you’re going down the road with your camper you notice a strange-looking rig rolling down the road next to you. After a double take, there’s a deep nagging question burning inside you…what is that thing?! Would you spend the night in one of these odd RV’s of the future? You might be amazed by the surprises they have in store.


First up on our list of weird and interesting-looking campers is the Cricket trailer. This compact little guy is made by Taxa and measures only 15 feet long. It sleeps two adults and two children and is perfect for a quick getaway or extended stay. Don’t let its small size deceive you, it’s got all the features of a fifth wheel that you look for in a traditional camper, including a full kitchen and propane cooktop, and is perfect to take along with you for a quick weekend getaway or extended stay.


Not to be outdone, the EarthRoamer is built on a Ford 550 or Ford 750 chassis (depending on which model you buy). Though cozy, it provides great space for living and entertaining with minimal setup. For the Earth-friendly group, this vehicle runs on huge solar panels and operates on the alternator of the towing vehicle to limit the energy you’ll need to produce while parked. The shower also conserves water by running only at a minimal level while in use until you need it at full power.

One of the most interesting-looking RVs, the EarthRoamer’s sleeping quarters are located in a popup-esque tent on the towing vehicle roof. Get closer to nature while being eco-conscious? Sounds like a wholesome deal to us!


Take one look at this rig and you’ll think you skipped forward into the future. Car meets camper in the Colim Caravan Concept. Its unique shape lets the towing vehicle break away from the RV, making it ideal for the long-haul RVers that stay put for a while. Who really wants to tow their entire rig when they could have a unique and snazzy looking “car” anyway? It sleeps four people comfortably and, though small, offers all the amenities of a traditional fifth wheel. Its minimalistic design and ease of setup just might make this RV the rig of the future.


If you saw this going down the road, you probably wouldn’t give it a second look. A simple box, this RV doesn’t seem to garner any special glances…until you set it up. This trailer is unlike any other in that the sides (and we mean the whole of each side) fold down like a popup hybrid to reveal a bedroom and sunroom on either side. Its unique shape gives you more living space and a bonus room to admire the stars from.


The Caravisio was a collaborative effort among 20 different RV manufacturers. The future-seeing designers modeled it after a yacht and hooked it up with features the technomad couldn’t help but drool over. Fingerprint entry, sliding doors controlled by tablet or smartphone, self-leveling system and movable sunroofs are just some of the secrets this interesting-looking fifth wheel holds. Engineered for space and comfort, even the bed is repositionable. Looks like we can look forward to a lot of flexibility in the future of RV living.

These interesting RVs are just a few of what’s to come. From the basic tiny necessities of the Cricket and EarthRoamer to the teched-out Colim Caravan Concept and Caravisio, there’s a fifth wheel for everyone looking to get in on the Good Life.