What A Lure! Best RV Fishing Spots in the Midwest

, What A Lure! Best RV Fishing Spots in the Midwest

Sometimes there’s nothing better than letting your line fly into the open water. Strategizing which spot to cast your line is part of the fun of your day of fishing.

What kind of lure should you use? Should you try your luck at the shallow spot of the lake, or go out into the middle? And what time of day should you go? With your tackle box in hand, and a whole lake in front of you to cast your line, you’ve got a lot of choices to make. One of the most important ones, made long before you’re reeling in some big catches, is where your fishing destination will be.

Chances are, you’ve tried most of your local fishing spots, and you’re ready to take a trip to see something new. The Midwest is packed with some great fishing destinations, so we’ve compiled a small list of some of our favorite fishing spots and, of course, camping locations to go along with it so you can reel in big catches and live the Good Life.

Lake Superior MN

Where to stay: Duluth Indian Point Campground

This lake offers some superior fishing. No pun intended. There have been over 80 species of fish found in Lake Superior. In this water, you’ll be reeling in some salmon, trout, and walleye, all while taking in the beautiful Great Lakes atmosphere.

While you’re in the area, we recommend staying or visiting the town of Duluth, a popular port town for Lake Superior. When you get your fill of fishing, be sure to head downtown to absorb the historic shops and go dining.

Lake Winnebago, WI

Where to stay: Hickory Oaks Campground

Winnebago is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the state of Wisconsin. With plenty of boating, hiking trails and camping destinations, this lake is a must visit. Not to mention, this place is a walleye factory. Many fishermen declare Winnebago to be one of the nation’s top walleye fisheries. Large walleye are swimming in the lake, but you will find a lot of fish in the 12 to 18-inch range.

In between reeling in all of those walleye, make sure you take in all of the shoreline sites. The area has plenty of lighthouses, launch ramps, harbors parks and restaurants bordering the water.

, What A Lure! Best RV Fishing Spots in the Midwest

Okoboji, IA

Where to stay: Ranch RV Park

When you want to reel in some 14 to 19-inch largemouth and smallmouth bass in Iowa, we’ve got the place for you. Lake Okoboji offers great fishing in the state of Iowa. With more than 11,366 acres of aquatic diversity, you will want to cast your line here for sure. Lake Okoboji is also known for its fun water activities like boating and jet skiing.

For more on the RVing fun you can have with your family while at Okoboji, you can download our Lake Okoboji “RV There Yet?” travel guide here.

Rainbow Trout

Lake Taneycomo, MO

Where to stay: Taneycomo Resort

When you’re looking to add a little color to your fishing trips, you will want to check out Lake Taneycomo in Missouri. Why? Because this lake is packed with rainbow trout. Unlike all of the other destinations we’ve highlighted, this lake is man-made and stocked.

The great thing about this lake is that it is located near Branson, so you can do all of the tourist attractions in the city once you get your fishing fill.

After going to one of these prime fishing destinations, you are sure to get your inner angler satisfied for a while. So, on that next road trip, don’t forget to put the poles and the tackle box into the RV. It’s time to get rolling!

, What A Lure! Best RV Fishing Spots in the Midwest