What you should bring on a boat trip

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what to bring on a boat trip

There’s nothing like a weekend on the water. Between the serene nod of being out on the boat and the possibility of reeling in a great catch, it’s one of the best ways to truly get away from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re loading up the RV for a camping weekend that involves some waterworks, you’ll need to consider a few extra things before rolling out of the driveway. But never fear, we’ve done this whole camping thing a few times and know exactly what you should pack before setting sail.

Equipment to properly attach

If you’re not pulling up to the dock to a boat that’s already in a slip, chances are you will be hauling the boat along withyou. Not everyone has the luxury of driving a toad or hitching vehicle to the dock with your boating beauty there waiting for you all ready to go. So, if you’re planning on towing a boat and an RV, here’s what you need to know:

  • Towing an RV, like a fifth wheel, as well as a toad or a boat is known as triple towing.
  • While most states legally allow you to tow 2 trailers at the same time, you should first look into the state’s laws to understand the length in which it is legal to tow 2 units. Many states limit the second trailer item to recreational equipment of some kind, and some states have length limit which you can’t exceed. Make sure you take a look at your state’s laws (and the states you will be traveling through) before you hook up your giant party pontoon and get pulled over for a length violation!
  • Take your towing vehicle into consideration while triple towing, too. Is your hauler capable of carrying the extra weight? For a full guide on towing, check out our guide.
  • Driving with extra caution while triple towing is highly recommended.

Even if you’re planning on bringing smaller boats, like kayaks, you need to properly strap them down to your RV. Utilizing roof racks and bungees is always ideal, as is a small trailer made for boats like canoes or even small motor or paddle boats. We always recommend you double-check your towing capacity, hitches, and racks before hitting the road.

, What you should bring on a boat trip

Equipment on board

Since you’ll be hitting the water, you might consider bringing some extra equipment that you might not bring on a land-lover trip. Obviously, each person on the water needs to have a life jacket. Personal floatation devices, or PFDs for short, are important to have for a safe day on the water. Many states require boaters have them by law, and if you’re unsure about your state’s requirements, you can take a look at this handy map.


Extra goodies

When you hit the water, it’s always a great idea to have some sun protection. Always pack some sunscreen, sunglasses and even a hat to protect yourself while you’re out on the water. After all, nothing ruins a peaceful night of rest after a big day of boating like an uncomfortable sunburn! We also suggest you pack some dry bags for your electronics and other not-so-waterproof items that you want to bring aboard. And of course, we always suggest you pack the cooler full of your favorite drinks (and some water bottles) and some snacks to keep your appetite at bay while you’re out on the waves!


With these helpful tips, you’ll be prepared to hit the water in no time. And when you’re missing your land legs, we highly suggest getting a campfire going followed by a peaceful sleep in your home on wheels!

, What you should bring on a boat trip