RV Electronics Package

RV Satellite Tailgate Wally Package

Upgrade your entertainment in your RV with this Automatic DISH Satellite system. The PLAYMAKER satellite automatically locates the signal and quickly get your favorite channels up and running. Plus NO CONTRACTS to pay when you aren’t using your RV. DISH Network is the only portable automatic system that is HD Capable.

Package Includes:

dish Automatic Satellite Dish – Single Coax for easy hookup.
DISH WALLY HD Receiver – Upgradeable to Wifi, Bluetooth and more
KING Tripod – Easily locate your Satellite for best signal.
KING Deluxe Travel bag with Receiver and Coax Compartment

Regular $527
Package Price $485
or include in your RV Financing for around $6 per month.

Contact The Business Manager who is handling your financing at the number below about including this package in your financing.

Des Moines
Kari Alexander
Webster City
Mike Carter