Campfire Fun: RV Activities for After Dark

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, Campfire Fun: RV Activities for After Dark

Every time you go camping, you tend to do the same activities. Aside from being in a new location, it’s the same old things. Campfires, hiking, boating and fishing. You know, the basic activities. And don’t get us wrong, we love all of that, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up and keep it fresh. Next time you’re around the campfire try some of our favorite fun activities to create a new camping experience!

Color changing fire

Want your campfire to turn into a glorious light show? It’s pretty easy to do. You can buy packs of material that change the color of your fire, creating the perfect ambiance for storytelling.  Look into the dancing colored flames and drift into another world.

S’mores bar- Eclair bar

Take a campfire classic and give it a fun twist by making a s’more bar! Provide all sorts of toppings so you can get creative with your s’more building. We recommend gathering up some marshmallows, peanut butter cups, butterscotch chips and fruit! Take all of your ingredients and place them in a waffle cone. Wrap the waffle cone in tinfoil, put it over the fire, and viola! You’ve got yourself a s’more cone!

If you’re tired of s’mores all together, you could also have an eclair bar.  Bring along some biscuit dough and wrap it around a clean stick or broom stick handle so that you create a cylinder shape. Cook it over the fire, remove it from your stick, and then you can pack it full of pudding and other toppings! Delicious!

, Campfire Fun: RV Activities for After Dark

Marshmallow shooters

Ready? Aim, fire! During the day, take the time to make some of these super fun marshmallow shooters. Then, around the campfire you can have fun with mini marshmallows and practice your target shooting. You could even shoot them into the fire!

Build your own lantern

There’s always time for a good craft! Bring along some lantern-making materials. These can be mason jars, old cans, recycled bottles or even cardboard. Check out this link for ten different lanterns you can make. When the sun goes down, and you’re pulling up a log by the campfire, you will have some extra light with your homemade lanterns!

Glow in the dark bowling

Create your own “pins” by filling clear plastic jars (think empty peanut butter containers) with water, and then dump in the contents of one “glow stick.”  Swish around the color (don’t shake!), seal up the jar and your “pin” will glow for hours.  Then take turns with a ball to see who can roll a strike!

Gaze at the stars

Yes, there’s an app for that.  You can download an app that allows you to point your phone or tablet at the sky, and it will generate a skymap naming the constellations you can see.  Depending on which direction you face and where you point your device, the night sky will constantly be changing.  There’s way more than the Big Dipper out there!

, Campfire Fun: RV Activities for After Dark