Make Sure Your RV is Bug and Pest Free

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, Make Sure Your RV is Bug and Pest Free

Annoying bugs have no place in the RV world. No one wants to worry about their impending war on Mary Mosquito or Garry Gnat when they’re supposed to be relaxing on vacation. But how do you prepare for this battle and what kind of weapons do you need to be considered a worthy opponent? Follow these four guidelines to ensure your victory over these bothersome critters and enjoy your vacation pest-free.

Grounding pest-free wiring

Wiring can be a primary front for insects to bridge their way into your RV. From their home to yours, it’s an easy advance straight into your home. After selecting your space, grease those bugs down with some petroleum jelly around the wires to keep them at bay. If this just doesn’t jive with your style, or your have curious children in your unit, you can also purchase aerosol cans of styrofoam at your local hardware store and spray around the entrances to your camper.

Focus on faulty plumbing

Take up the offensive by checking the hoses into and out of your RV. This is another easy way to deter those pests frommaking camp with your family. Look for holes, however small, throughout the body of your RV and especially around the plumbing lines. Fill them up with rope caulk or styrofoam to impede your little invaders. In a pinch, you can even use duct tape to barricade your home.

Bigger beings

Mice and other small animals can mean big problems for your vacation. They can cause damage to your RV and gnaw holes to allow bugs and other creatures into your haven. Blockade this problem before it becomes a bigger one by insulating your rig and placing Fresh Cab Repellent around vulnerable areas. Some tactics have also included using fabric softener sheets to deter unwanted visitors.

, Make Sure Your RV is Bug and Pest Free

Bugs and other critters can turn a vacation into a nightmare. Preparing to combat them is an easy first step you can take to guaranteeing a relaxing stay for you and your family. Don’t discount your local hardware stores for a great selection of weapons against your foes and make Mary Mosquito and Gary Gnat a victory saga to pass on for generations.

, Make Sure Your RV is Bug and Pest Free