NASCAR & RVs-What You Need To Know

, NASCAR & RVs-What You Need To Know

NASCAR, beer and camping are just a few traditions that are part of the core of Americana culture. So putting them all together has got to be the ultimate celebration of all things American, right? If you like a good party and are willing to pay infield prices, you might want to consider your options for experiencing NASCAR like you never have before. Get right up into the action, smell that rubber burn and hear the roar of the crowd from the very center of it all by RVing on the track.

Getting In On The Action

Some racetracks allow RVers to come on a first-come-first-served basis. If you show up early enough and have the money to pay for entry, you’re in! Other, and more popular, racetracks are booked up to a year out and require you to reserve your spot in advance. Prices vary from track to track and rely heavily on the popularity of the race. If you’ve got your sights set on the final Sprint Cup Series race, you can bet you’ll be paying a higher price for your camping spot than going to a run-of-the-mill race during the regular season.

Hidden Costs

If you’re planning to pursue your dream of rubbin’ elbows with your favorite American idols, beware of extra costs that might creep in. Some racetracks require you to not only rent your camping spot but also purchase tickets to the grandstand. Others have convenience services that come around to empty your black tank or fill your propane tank. Some even have convenience markets set up on the infield. While these are nice services to have, they also come with hefty charges. One way you can avoid these is to be sure your black tank is empty when you drive onto the infield and fill your propane tank with as much as you’ll need for your stay. Bring along everything you’ll need for the big race day to avoid being overcharged for purchasing items from convenience stores.

NASCAR Campground Network

The NASCAR Campground Network is a membership system that gets you discounts on campsites, free stuff and access to “members only” areas. Membership prices start at $39.95 and go up from there based on how wide an area you want it to cover. The more expensive packages cover NASCAR events and locations, and also other outdoor activities. Some of those include fishing, hunting, archery, shooting and more. If you’re planning to go to a few events during the year or are an avid outdoor activity-lover, it’s definitely worth looking at to save you some money in the long run.

, NASCAR & RVs-What You Need To Know

Too Much Action?

Especially for younger kids, it can be hard to sleep at night because of all the parties going on. Keep the noise level in mind when you’re traveling with your family to make sure you have the best stay possible if you’re planning to take this kind of trip. Racetracks are notorious for cramming as many RVs in as possible to maximize their profits, making for really cramped space. The generators from everyone’s RVs, combined with the propane smell, and general racecar noise create noise and air pollution and can make it difficult to hear and breathe. This is something to remember if one of your travelers has asthma or other breathing problems.

Quit Spinnin’ Your Wheels!

For those die-hard race fans that need to be up close where the action is, this RV trip is for you. You’ll be so close you can feel the slipstream as the cars pass by, and the party goes all night long. You never know — you might even get the chance to meet your favorite driver! At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how to celebrate your Good Life. Just remember, this is where the party’s at!

, NASCAR & RVs-What You Need To Know