Short Vacation: Lincoln, Nebraska

, Short Vacation: Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska stirs up a lot of emotion in the hearts of many Iowans, especially during college football season. And while Nebraska may face off with the Hawkeyes on the gridiron, there’s no reason why Iowans should blitz the idea of checking out our neighbor to the west.

Lincoln, the second-most populated city in Nebraska, offers the best of cultural, natural and historical attractions for RVers of all ages. There’s a reason why it earned the No. 1 spot on Gallup-Healthways’ list of healthiest cities.


Full time RVers, vacation travelers and everyone in between enjoys the sense of community that makes Campaway so special. With reasonable rates, beautiful environs and easy access to everything that Lincoln has to offer, this campground is the perfect spot for RVers to land for a long weekend.

Even if you’re not into checking out the sights of downtown, Campaway offers a heated pool and frequent activities to give the kids something active to do.


Lincoln Childrens Zoo

It’s no secret: kids love animals. Zoos are a great place to sneak a little learning in with the fun kids have at zoos. With over 30 different animals on display from all corners of the animal kingdom, this place is a perfect spot for families to have fun. Its special emphasis on children and first-hand learning offers kids and families a place to learn more about the wild without going on a safari.

MoPac Trail

Instead of letting some of its old railroad tracks go to waste, Nebraska had the bright idea of turning one of its trails into a long-distance bike path. That’s how the MoPac Trail was born.

Extending through rural farmland for over 22 miles, the MoPac Trail is a great place to head out on some bikes for an afternoon, or just take a scenic walk through some of Nebraska’s countryside.

Lester F. Larson Tractor Museum

The humble tractor has been at the center of agricultural and rural life for over 100 years. What was once just a tool to get farm work down has turned into a status symbol and historical icon for thousands of farmers across the country.

The Lester F. Larson Tractor Museum is a great place to check out the historic background that helps Americans eat every day. It has a collection of more than 40 historic tractors, including a Ford 8-16, Allis Chalmers G and a Ford-Ferguson 2N. It also boasts the distinction of being the only tractor testing laboratory in the world, which helps prevent unsafe, unreliable, and inefficient tractors from being produced.

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, Short Vacation: Lincoln, Nebraska