Are You Ready? RV Preparation Tips & Camping Checklist

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, Are You Ready? RV Preparation Tips & Camping Checklist

Ahh, it’s springtime! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and your RV is waiting for you to come get it out of storage so you can go camping again. If you’re like most people, Memorial Day weekend is one of the first primo opportunities to take the rig out camping for the first time this season. It’s likely the first time you have pulled your camper out of storage since old man winter came to stay.

Upon revisiting your RV to break it out of storage, you may find that there are some maintenance tasks you might’ve forgot when you packed it away. Or, maybe you did all of your winterizing thoroughly, but you know it’s still a good idea to run through a quick checklist before you hit the road. So, for you, our fellow Good Life enthusiast, we’re including a short list of common things that need to be checked or taken care of to ensure that you have a successful long weekend in the campgrounds:

Camper Checklist Basics:

  1. Check the tires for checking, wear, and air.
  2. Brakes. The most often overlooked safety features. If it can’t stop it will keep going!
  3. Batteries. Not just the main coach battery but also the smoke detector and CO2 detector.
  4. Tail Lights. People have to be able to see you signal and brake.

Now that we have you going down the road let’s get you in your campsite.

Campsite Basics:

  1. It is ALWAYS best to level your camper and stabilize it BEFORE putting the slideout(s) out.
  2. Plug into power using proper cords/adapters and ensure your power converter is running. (We sell a lot of replacements this time of year)
  3. If you haven’t filled up with water already, now is the time. Check your Water Heater Anode Rod (if equipped) and make sure all your drain lines are closed.
  4. Check to make sure you have 120V power by seeing if your Microwave or AC works.
  5. You should have already started your Fridge a few days ago…but now is the time to make sure it’s still on.
  6. If you have Full Hook-up Sanitation, make sure you don’t open your gate valves until your tanks are almost full.
  7. Put the awning out, grab your favorite cold beverage, and start making a campfire!
, Are You Ready? RV Preparation Tips & Camping Checklist

Now this is just the basics. We could go on-and-on about so many things but we won’t here. But we do want you to inspect your camper front to back. Check all the seams, seals, vents, covers and caulking for rips, voids or broken parts and make a list. Come to one of our 3 dealerships with your list and we can get you fixed up.

, Are You Ready? RV Preparation Tips & Camping Checklist