Keeping It Locked Down: RV Security Tips

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, Keeping It Locked Down: RV Security Tips

Being at the campgrounds is always a great time. You usually get to meet your neighbors and experience some of the RVing community everytime you go. You will meet a lot of great people while you’re on the road, and you will probably feel a sense of trust from your campground neighbor.

And that’s great, and definitely what the RV experience is about, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your valuables within your RV as you travel. We’re sure you won’t encounter security problems, but it’s best to be prepared for anything that rolls your way.

As you’re out and about enjoying nature, you want peace of mind that all the belongings in your RV are safe and sound, awaiting your return. Here are our tips to keep your RV security locked up tight:

Have it on lock

Obviously, one of the easiest security measures to take while you’re camping is to lock all of the doors and windows while you’re gone. Get in the habit of locking your RV every single time you leave. You can also consider placing a cylinder or padlock around the kingpin. If you want to take extra measures, you should consider getting a boot cover, which would prevent lugs from being stolen from the wheel.

Keep valuables concealed

Don’t leave your valuables in plain sight for temptation. Make sure you pull all of your shades closed, and stow all your cooking and outdoor equipment while you are gone, even if you’re planning on being back soon. You’re always better safe than sorry! Inside your RV, it’s a great idea to buy a safe if you plan on traveling with any valuables, like cash, jewelry, credit cards or personal information like your passport. It doesn’t have to be a large safe, even a small one will get the job done!

, Keeping It Locked Down: RV Security Tips

Consider a security system

There are many different brands that offer security systems to easily install into your RV. From alarms to deadbolts, you can find security systems that will fit your needs. A pretty simple tip is to install a motion detecting light. It can get pretty dark at night while camping, especially if you’re just dry camping and not on an actual campground. Motion sensing lights are a simple security measure to take. Many security systems come with motion detectors as part of the package.

Know the campground

Another big part of your safety is the campground that you choose to park at. Campgrounds are typically very safe, but it’s a good idea to talk to management about security before you park the rig. Think about asking whether or not they have nightly patrols, and what time guests can come and go. It’s an added bonus to stay in the heart of the park and walk around in pairs.

With these safety tips, you RV experience is sure to be safe and sound! Now that you don’t have to spend any time worrying about security from theft, you can worry about the good kind of camping questions: like how much bug spray and sunscreen you’ll be needing! Happy camping!

, Keeping It Locked Down: RV Security Tips