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, Best Portable RV Speakers

When you have an active lifestyle, it’s hard to find a bluetooth speaker that is durable enough for your adventures and doesn’t sound like a cheapie plastic system. You hate to spend a load of money on something that’s likely to be damaged while you’re out, right? But sometimes it’s ok to splurge a little for a quality product that’s built to last, and a great-sounding speaker is no exception.

Here are our favorite systems to keep Johnny Cash and George Strait whether at home base or away from the camper…without breaking the bank or sounding like you’re listening through the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Pilot Bluetooth Speaker (Available at GLRV) 

This hearty speaker is ready to help you dance your heart out at the campground, rain or shine. For up to 10 hours, you will experience great music clarity as it has excellent punch for mid and high frequencies. The thing we love about this speaker is that it’s waterproof, and has a great built-in handle, so it’s ready to move when you need to bust a move. Another bonus about his speaker? With the affordable price of $78.69, it’s easy on the ears and the wallet.

, Best Portable RV Speakers

Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Ears brand’s UE Boom 2 is hands down our favorite speaker. Not only is is pretty to look at, but it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s also one of the few quality waterproof speakers, meaning that you don’t have to feel guilty bringing it to your next pool party or your favorite fishin’ hole. If it gets wet or dirty you can just wipe it off and party on. It weighs in just over one pound, but and has a ten hour battery life and wireless range of over 30 feet, earning it the first of five spots on our list.

Creative Muvo Mini

This music gem has great quality at an affordable price; you can find it for less than $60 online. The brilliant manufacturers even waterproofed it for us (wasn’t that sweet)! In addition to its durability, this speaker has a really interesting design that is stylish but functional and packs a punch for its small size. It’s not just a pretty speaker, it’s a tough box too, and can take a beating when the crowd really gets going.

JBL Charge 3

Unlike its competitors, the JBL Charge 3 pulls double time to work as a charger in addition to a speaker. Sounds pretty great, right? This unit is rated for about 20 hours of battery life. If you’ve got devices charging from it that number will drop a little, but it’s a great resource if you’re in a pinch. It’s ultra portable size makes it easy to take along with you on your next adventure without weighing you down or taking up valuable pack space. Coupled with its waterproof rating, it’s ready to handle even the roughest adventures.

, Best Portable RV Speakers


This little guy definitely gets the job done. It weighs only one pound, but has over 40 hours of battery life so the party can go all night long. The small speaker system has been brutally tested against the elements, so you know it’s a great fit for an on-the-go lifestyle. The manufacturers say it’s waterproof, mud-proof and snowproof, and has been tested for shock absorbtion by dropping it from over six feet (sound like a cool job to us). It’s flawless sound can be found in town or online for between $100 and $150. Did we mention that you can purchase separate accessories so your new best friend will reflect your look? That’s a whole lotta style and function crammed into one easy-listening box.

The Neighbors

We wouldn’t be doing our civic duty if we hooked you up with the coolest sound systems and didn’t at least remind you of tips for playing music in campgrounds. Always be respectful of your campground neighbors when playing music late at night. Just because your beat is bumpin’ doesn’t mean the guys next door want the beat to drop. A little bit of planning and consideration can go a long way to keep you in your neighbors’ good graces, and if you know you’re going to be making a lot of noise you can talk to them ahead of time. It’s a really easy thing, but sets a solid foundation for a good relationship (and might even keep the cops from showing up on your doorstep).

Being aware of where you’re camping is another easy thing you can do to keep the peace in your community. If you’re playing music outside and the neighbors are all tent campers, there’s less insulation between your music and their sleeping quarters. Choose a location that’s a little more remote or where you’ll be around other RVers to add a little more sound barrier.

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite tunes at your side. Whether you’re going to be staying close to your RV or taking it out on your next excursion, these are some of the toughest portable bluetooth speakers on the market ready to meet your next challenge. Don’t sacrifice awesome sound quality for your adventurous lifestyle. Enjoy your next Good Life experience with full sound.

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