Celebrity RVs: Big Stars, Big Rigs

The Good Life
, Celebrity RVs: Big Stars, Big Rigs

Ahhh… The Good Life.  Hitting the open road in your very own home on wheels, exploring the hidden treasures of Americana with the ones closest to you all while making screensaver-worthy memories out of your experiences.  It’s a lifestyle that you cherish and one that is getting more attention across the nation.  You have probably seen RVs on the small and silver screen.  Heck, even politicians and traveling TV shows use them.  So, we’re digging in to showcase a handful of the top showbiz RV out there.



This Dallas Buyer’s Club star loves to kick back and relax in his very own 2004 Airstream International CCD 28 that he customized to suit his own needs.  The Hollywood A-lister has been seen in his RV, also known as ‘The Canoe,’ on road trips with his son.  It has also been reported that Matt loves his RV so much that he sleeps in it… while it’s in his own driveway!


If you’re planning on fighting aliens in any sort of RV, we’d give the nod to the rig that Independence Day and Men In Black star has been seen in as of late.  The traileris so large that it needs to be towed by a semi and has been called a ‘mobile estate.’  It was fully customized and when you add up the square footage of both downstairs and upstairs, the total comes to a whopping 1,100 square foot of living space.


In Meet the Fockers, his character is in love with his RV.  In real life, Robert DeNiro loves his own custom ride, too!  The Academy Award winning actor’s $2 million RV comes with 11 plasma TVs (at last count) and is a whopping 3 stories high!  Although his RV was built specifically for life on the Hollywood lot – it’s screening room can seat up to 30 – he hopes to roll around the country in a more suitable ride in the future.

, Celebrity RVs: Big Stars, Big Rigs


Brangelina’s trailer, nicknamed the “Luv Sub” was designed for the Hollywood lot, as well.  Instead of the screening room, this 48 foot long, 4 slide out wide trailer features accommodations for Brad and Angelina’s large family.  The moving movie mansion includes a living room area with TVs, video games and a family sized, chef-quality kitchen that cost $60 thousand alone. And don’t forget about the giant walk-in shower.


You would think that owning your own private island in the Bahamas would bring plenty of serenity and peace. But this rocker needed more for his escape from life on the open road…  three RV’s more, as a matter of fact!  Lenny bought the massive vehicles for him, his family and friends to drive around the exclusive island.  Each one with a different ‘vibe’ but all of them decked out with rock’n roll memorabilia.  Are you going to come our way, Lenny?    

Next time you’re out on the road living the Good Life, take a look around your campsite and get ready to grab your camera and autograph book.  You’re in good company.  Even the biggest of Hollywood stars are driving RVs.

, Celebrity RVs: Big Stars, Big Rigs